Trump Rally In Rome Record-Breaking Numbers And People Stranded?

ROME, GA – The Rome rally was Trump’s fourth campaign stop of the day, drawing a crowd of up to 70,000. Many news outlets are reporting the turnout was estimated at only 30,000 plus.

However, it appears the number of 30,000 refers to the number of people inside the airport fence, not counting the multi-thousands on the outside.

Trump said, “By the way, crowds like this have never happened before.”

Lionel @LionelMedia tweeted, “This turnout in Rome, Georgia, is bigger and larger and greater than the combined audiences of every Joe Biden appearance or rally in his entire 47+ year political tenure of schmaltz. Think about that.”

Jackson Doegg wrote over a live broadcast feed of the event, “Just left Rome. Very nice crowd. However standing for six hours is kind of rough. Don’t forget the four mile walk there and back. But it was worth it.”

Journalist Michael Tracey tweeted, “I came to tonight’s Trump rally in Rome, GA over four hours early and only barely made it in because the lines were so long. The contrast with Biden events is just comical.”

“One thing that would be new about a Biden presidency is no cult of personality. The sheer amount of idolatrous reverence around Trump that I heard at GA rally last night was amazing. (Yes, past presidents had personality cults, including Obama.) There exists no such zeal for Joe,” Tracey tweeted.

Carla Henderson from Buford, Georgia stated that she got in line at the airport at 2 P.M., two and half hours before the gates opened.

“This is history and I didn’t want to miss it,” Henderson said.

Thousands were bussed onto the grounds at Admiral John H. Towers Field at Richard B. Russell Regional Airport and reportedly had to wait hours to be picked up after the event.

As the rally closed around 10:30 p.m., hundreds exited the site and lined up to get on buses.

NBC News reporter Julie Tsirkin tweeted “A chaotic scene where hundreds lined the road a mile up from where President Trump held his rally in Rome, GA — attempting to exit the event.”

CNN reporter Ryan Nobles tweeted “We drove close to 3 miles away from the airport and we’re still spotting people walking to their cars in the middle of a busy road.”

Communications Director for President Trump, Tim Murtaugh, tweeted that Nobles’ report that there were “no busses in sight” was “fake news.”

“We have 47 buses taking supporters back to parking,” Murtaugh said. “The line is moving and there are heating tents set up. Security and staff are helping people.”

The Tennessee Conservative reporter, Neil Wolin, who attended the event, stated, “I left before people could get out of the rally since I was outside of the airport fence, but there were a plethora of buses that were running quickly before the rally.”

Trump has kept pace with a hectic schedule racing through battleground states.

His appearance in northwestern Georgia was the fourth of five rallies held over Sunday.

Trump continued his marathon run of events with five rallies Monday in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

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