TVA Requiring All Employees To Have Full Regimen Of COVID Vaccine

Photo: TVA Offices in Chattanooga, TN; Photo Credit: TVA Web Team / CC

The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

In response to Biden’s executive order requiring that all federal employees receive the COVID-19 Vaccine, the Tennessee Valley Authority has announced that all their employees must be fully vaccinated by November 22nd, 2021.

Tennessee Capitol Building in Nashville

TVA states they are currently working on the processes and procedures needed to implement the new vaccination requirement.

They state their goal is to develop a secure system where employees can document their vaccination status, according to NewsChannel9.

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In August, the TVA began to ask all their employees whether they had been vaccinated. At that time, they were also given the option to not answer the question.

As reported by the Times Free Press, TVA stated in a letter that “Those who attest to not being fully vaccinated or who decline to disclose their status must wear a face covering at all times while on TVA property (in accordance with both federal and TVA guidelines), must maintain physical distance, must undergo new screening test protocols and have their official travel restricted.”

Prior to August, TVA had not grilled their employees about their vaccinations status and their masking policy had been allowed to sunset.  However, in August, their masking policy was reinstated.

Their policies, at that time, also applied to any contract employee working on TVA property.  It is unclear, at this point, whether their new vaccination policy will apply to contract employees.

TVA currently employs roughly 10,000 people, providing services for 10 million Tennesseans.

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About the Author: Jason Vaughn, Media Coordinator for The Tennessee Conservative  ~ Jason previously worked for a legacy publishing company based in Crossville, TN in a variety of roles through his career.  Most recently, he served as Deputy Directory for their flagship publication. Prior, he was a freelance journalist writing articles that appeared in the Herald Citizen, the Crossville Chronicle and The Oracle among others.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University with a Bachelor’s in English-Journalism, with minors in Broadcast Journalism and History.  Contact Jason at

5 thoughts on “TVA Requiring All Employees To Have Full Regimen Of COVID Vaccine

  • September 28, 2021 at 4:56 pm

    Just another example of a disgusting disgrace by the Communists to beat Patriots down. I urge all TVA employees to ignore the unconstitutional mandate and let the cowards fire you. Afterwards launch class action lawsuits against the traitors . There is strength in numbers so everyone must stand together and say NO . If you were to do this then the Communist vermin would have to back off. I have a niece that had over 60% of the people in their health care organization tell the cowards they would quit and that forced the vermin to back off. This is not America anymore this is insanity !!!

  • September 28, 2021 at 9:35 pm

    Just say NO! Do not Comply!! We can end this stupid plandemic if everyone just refused to comply. These companies will back down if we stick together.

  • September 29, 2021 at 1:08 am


  • September 29, 2021 at 11:08 am

    You know when any Government Requires you to be Jabbed by any Vax or Mandate that invades your body, that was not in place when you were hired (therefore not part of your employment contract) should, at a minimum, be qualified for Unemployment, any force reduction payment including assistance getting another position or trained for another profession. At a Minimum be given 90-120 days for making a decision that will effect the employee’s future–. Tyranny is not American or is it??

  • September 29, 2021 at 1:15 pm

    The TVA should not fall into the communist trap. I hope their people walk off the job or get lawyers and fight this. This is no more then communist people wanting control over the people. I plan on calling the president of the company and tell him to leave good people alone. They all worked through the year with no issues so now they all have to get this shot? If TVA wants to kill their people let them get the shot. There are more people in the hospital from the vaccine and dying from the vaccine then not. Check the information. Just don’t blindly take governments word for it. They are not out to help anyone but themselves .


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