Video Of Pornographic Images From Clarksville School Library Book Deemed Too Explicit For YouTube

Image Credit: Capitol Resource Institute

The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

A video sharing some of the pornographic images found via a Tennessee school library book elicited an immediate ban on YouTube when Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) uploaded it to that platform.

CRI made a recording of the book being opened, showing some of the content within. YouTube immediately took the video down for violating their sex and nudity policy.

The book, titled Trans+ was found in Clarksville, TN school libraries, and is listed as a “teen non-fiction” book in libraries across the country.

The book features numerous QR codes which can be accessed easily with a smartphone and that then lead students to websites meant for adults only. These links showcase pornographic and sexually explicit content.

Content that is banned “from one of the most flagrantly liberal platforms on the internet” says CRI, “is apparently fine for dissemination to school children.”

CRI President Karen England said, “After viewing the irrefutable evidence, every parent should demand that this book, and others like it, be removed immediately from school libraries. Schools must cease using curriculum and books that include QR codes, as they are being used to expose our children to pornographic materials.”

England says, “The American Library Association (ALA), sponsors of the recent Banned Books Week, are behind this push to endorse and promote pornography to children. They proudly urge schools to display obscene books and encourage students to read them.”

The overwhelming majority of parents do not agree with ALA policies, says England. “The ALA knows exactly what they are doing by promoting these books,” she says. “They also know their plan is not supported by parents, which is why they are so quick to label them as “book burners” who are engaged in censorship.” 

The YouTube video CRI created to show parents exactly what their children are being exposed to at school is available to watch HERE.

CRI says, “We share this video with the warning that it contains obscenity and pornographic images, but we believe it is vitally important for parents to truly understand what the public school system is trying to do to our children.” 

For parents willing to take action, England offers the following exhortation: “Those in power will attempt to bully, shame, and silence you to maintain the status quo to keep obscene material on library shelves, but you must remain vigilant. You have a right and a responsibility to demand that YOUR public school remove this material. Keep up the fight!”

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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