Walker County Schools Shut Down Next Week Due To COVID-19

Walker County, GA – The Walker County School System plans to shut down for an entire week without any consideration of virtual learning.

Superintendent Damon Raines announced the week-long closure to begin November 16th, making Thanksgiving break 2 weeks long.

Raines explained that the extended break will allow for a proper 14-day quarantine for those potentially exposed to COVID-19.

In a video update, Rains said that a hybrid schedule with separate cohorts based on last name will be instituted after returning from the break.

A hybrid schedule will involve virtual and in-person instruction. Cohort 1 (A-K) students will go in-person Monday and Tuesday, and cohort 2 (L-Z) will go in-person Thursday and Friday.

Students will learn virtually for the remaining days of the week.

The school system hopes that extra social distancing will prevent any further spread of the virus.

New Channel 9 reports that the spike originated from large Halloween parties attended by middle and high school students.

500 students went into quarantine after the Halloween parties were deemed to be super-spreader events.

Parents were informed by phone if their child had been affected by the virus.

“If your child is positive or close contact quarantine, they receive a personal call before 6 o’clock of that same day. So if you don’t get a call and you’re not hearing something, your child is not involved,” said Raines.

The hybrid schedule after Thanksgiving break will take place for 3 weeks until Christmas break begins.

Raines noted that the Walker County school year will be extended 5 days to make up for the COVID-19 shutdown.

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