1st Tuesday Nashville To Host “Perhaps the Busiest Man in Tennessee” – AG Slatery

Photo Credit: 1st Tuesday & tn.gov

-By Tim Skow [host of 1ST TUESDAY] and The Tennessee Conservative Staff

These days, one of the busiest men in ALL of Tennessee is TN State Attorney General Herbert Slatery.  AG Slatery has been able to adjust his schedule and has found he can make time on Thursday, October 21st to return to 1ST TUESDAY !! 

1st Tuesday is a Nashville area monthly Republican luncheon featuring political leaders in a private setting.

There are SLEW of topics and fights breaking these days involving the State of Tennessee, multiple States vs. the Federal Government, the Biden Administration and MORE on the immediate horizon that will impact your life and/or the lives of many you know !!!  

The list includes, but is not limited to:

1] Public schools –  Biden Admin trying to push schools to push agendas and masks on students …… OR …. fallout from the State Legislature passing legislation to pull State funds from schools caught including the tenets of Critical Race Theory in classrooms, OR … fights from heated School Board meetings? 

Can you say “LAWSUITS ” ?? 

2] Redistricting legal actions  – Democrats aim to hold all 10 of State House seats in Nashville. Dems say they plan to challenge the lines Republican draw for the State Legislature and the 5th District Congressional seat. 

Can you say “LAWSUITS to follow” ?? 

 3] FACEBOOK – Anyone see TN Senator Marsha Blackburn grilling the Big Tech Executives this year? Word is that multiple States are teeing up to sue Facebook on a variety of counts seeking damages. Guess who will do that? 

Can you say “LAWSUITS to follow” ?? 


I promise that this 1ST TUESDAY is going to be ZESTY !!

As has been the case since Covid-19 hit, we will meet at Brentwood’s LUDLOW & PRIME [ 330 Franklin Road Suite 226B, Brentwood, TN  37027]  

Doors open at 11AM CDT. Lunch will be served at 11:30 CDT with programs starting at Noon. Q&A ends at 1:00PM CDT sharp.

Lunch is $25 for Members and $30 for Guests. 

Please visit the following link / shopping cart to secure seating for you and Guests. Feel free to share this event with others! We expect this to be a VERY popular event !!!



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