TN Congressional Delegation Members Introduce Bill To Prohibit Government Rationing Of Antibody Treatments

New Legislation Aims To Overturn Biden’s Recent HHS Policy That Restricts Hospitals And Other Health Facilities From Ordering Monoclonal Antibody Treatments To Treat Covid-19 Symptoms Directly From Manufacturers To Meet Local Demand.

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A Firsthand Look At Biden’s Border Failure – Blackburn Op-Ed

On A Ranch Just North Of The US-Mexico Border In Falfurrias, Texas, Local Property Owner Richard Walked Me Past Destroyed Fences And Piles Of Garbage Left Behind By Swaths Of Illegal Immigrant Trespassers. Frustrated With The White House, He Asked, “Where In The Hell Is Kamala?”

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1st Tuesday Nashville To Host “Perhaps the Busiest Man in Tennessee” – AG Slatery

These Days, One Of The Busiest Men In All Of Tennessee Is TN State Attorney General Herbert Slatery. Ag Slatery Has Been Able To Adjust His Schedule And Has Found He Can Make Time On Thursday, October 21st To Return To 1st Tuesday !!

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Too Much Facebook Time Is Harmful To Your Child’s Health – Blackburn Op-Ed

Facebook Didn’t Create The Problem Of Teen Anxiety And Depression, But They Knowingly Exploited It For Profit. They Preyed On Our Children’s Deepest Insecurities And Threw Them Into An Algorithm Tailored To Make Them Feel Even Worse. Halting A Few Pilot Programs Or Advertisement Options Is Not Enough To Undo The Systemic Prioritization Of Profit Above All Else. Facebook Consciously Decided That Advertisements, New Platforms, And Growth Were Worth The Mental Anguish Of Millions Of Young People.

Facebook’s Time Of Reckoning Is Now. Parents And Teens Deserve Resolution Before This Spiral Becomes Irreversible.

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Blackburn, Judiciary Republicans Push Back On Free Speech Crackdown Of Parents Protesting School Boards

U.S. Senators Marsha Blackburn And Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), Along With All Republican Members Of The Senate Judiciary Committee, Excoriated The Department Of Justice (DOJ) For Threatening The Use Of Federal Law Enforcement To Deter Parents’ Free Speech.

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Schools in Middle TN Worry About Social Media Linked Vandalism

Across Middle Tennessee, School Districts Have Expressed Their Concerns About The Link Between Social Media And Student Behavior That Leads To Vandalism. On Wednesday, The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System Sent An Email To Parents About Specific Trends Found On TikTok.

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Bipartisan Bill Aims To Improve Affordability Of Veteran’s Long-Term Care Options

United States Senator Marsha Blackburn Along With Senator Kyrsten Sinema Have Introduced A Bipartisan Bill Entitled “Long-term Care Veterans Choice Act” — Legislation That Would Require The VA To Expand Veterans’ Access To The Medical Foster Home Program.

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Blackburn And Colleagues Introduce Comprehensive Afghanistan Legislation

In Response To The Botched Exit From Afghanistan, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn Along With Jim Risch (R-idaho), Led 20 Colleagues In Introducing The Afghanistan Counterterrorism, Oversight, And Accountability Act. The Legislation Was Introduced To Address The Outstanding Issues Related To The Administration’s Rushed And Disastrous Withdrawal From Afghanistan.

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Biden Builds Back Broke: Blackburn Op-Ed

Democrat Policies Are, In No Uncertain Terms, A Disaster For The American People. Our Businesses And Livelihoods Will Suffer As A Direct Result Of The Radical Whims Of Congressional Democrats Championed By The White House.

Make No Mistake — Democrats In The White House And Congress Haven’t Just Failed The American People — They Are Doing Everything In Their Power To Keep Us From Succeeding, To Destroy Small Businesses And Force Their Socialist Agenda On Main Street America.

These Proposed Tax Regulations Will Undermine Small Businesses, Bankrupt Lower-Income Taxpayers, And Enable China To Continue Its Uncontested Economic Growth. Any Effort To Subvert Outright Opposition To The Radical Tax Plan Is An Insult To The American People.

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