Bill Requiring Transgender Bathroom Sign Returned to House Calendar

This Controversial Bill Would Make It Mandatory For Businesses To Post Signs That Would Indicate Whether Or Not Transgender Individuals Are Allowed To Use A Particular Bathroom. 

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Published March 18, 2021

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

House Bill 1182 continues to proceed through the Tennessee General Assembly, although it was temporarily taken off of the House calendar for amendment.

On Tuesday, March 16, the bill was removed from the House calendar; however, on March 17, the bill was assigned once again to the State Government Committee’s agenda for March 23.

The controversial bill would make it mandatory for businesses to post signs that would indicate whether or not transgender individuals are allowed to use a particular bathroom.

According to the original bill, both public and private businesses would be required to identify these “inclusive” bathrooms with signs placed at the entrance of each public restroom and at each of the building’s entrances.

Although they are celebrating the temporary halt to the bill’s advancement, activists believe this bill is just another unnecessary onslaught against an already outcasted group.

“This bill basically is trying to draw attention to transgender people in a negative way and draw attention in a negative way to businesses that allow transgender people to use the bathroom,” said Chris Sanders, Executive Director of the Tennessee Equality Project.

The Tennessee Equality Project is an organization that provides legislative advocacy for LGBTQ people in Tennessee.

The bill’s sponsor, Representative Tim Rudd of Murfreesboro, says that the bill is not being removed; it is simply being amended.

He also states that the bill is not intended to keep transgender individuals from using the restroom of their choice. It is a proactive protection against the possibility of sexual predators having unrestricted or unknown access to bathrooms.

“If we don’t do something like this, then sexual predators could take advantage of this new law or this new right that would be granted to transgenders, but in no way is this meant to limit transgender access to a restroom. It’s simply warning that the opposite sex could be in the restroom,” Rudd said.

Opponents believe the bill will just provide another way for people and businesses to discriminate against transgender individuals.

Sanders continued, “Transgender people already face a great deal of discrimination in our society and the last thing they need is their state government coming after them and adding to that.”

Changes have been made as the bill was amended. The updated version will mandate that signs be in plain view on bathroom doors, but it will not require them to be posted on single stall bathrooms.

Sanders believes that businesses will suffer because of the current “anti-trans” legislation pushing through Tennessee. He believes the economy could be impacted in the long run.

“I would hate to see Tennessee passing any of these anti-trans bills mainly because of the impact on trans people, but it will affect all of us,” Sanders said.

However, Rudd is convinced that the changes being made are actually going to be beneficial for businesses.

“I’ve talked to the business community, and matter of fact, some changes were to protect the businesses, like the 30-day grace period and not being on the front of the building,” Rudd stated.

Republican Senator Paul Rose is the sponsor of the Senate version of the bill which was passed on Second Consideration and sent on to the Senate Judiciary Committee in February.

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5 thoughts on “Bill Requiring Transgender Bathroom Sign Returned to House Calendar

  • March 18, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    good grief! this is beyond stupid!! I’m so sick of these people who can’t figure out if they are a boy or a girl!! ITS REALLT SIMPLE LOOK AT YOUR GENATLIA !!

    • May 6, 2021 at 4:21 pm

      Yes, I agree!
      This bill will help keep transgender people Out of the public bathrooms.
      PLEASE Help by calling or emailing Governor Lee and letting him know you want him to sign HB 1182 (SB1224) and make it a Law.
      PLEASE ask your friends to do the same!!!
      The Libs are currently trying to veto the bill, lets not let that happen!

  • March 22, 2021 at 12:07 am

    We need to stand up and put a stop to this. The constitution allows people to do and say different things without fear of prejudice and that’s ok if they want to be who they are. But nowhere does say I have to accept those lifestyles nor does it say they can force us to comply to it. First of all if anyone refuses to embrace our rights and the facts this country was founded on christian values I have a problem with said people. When did it become acceptable to forget about the constitution? The constitution means they have to respect and accept our culture and values to be a citizen of this great democracy. It’s not up for debate when it comes to our constitution. We don’t have to embrace accomadate or associate or trade in any way with anyone we don’t want to. That’s our right to be that way. It’s clear these extreme groups seem to think by the lifestyles they choose that it’s acceptable and like it or not we will accept them. Fact we don’t have to accept we only have to tolerate them. Equal rights are a given to all no matter if your a transgender a homosexual or even identity as a tree stump no matter your color/race gender or religion. Still don’t constitutionally mean anyone has to accept or embrace said lifestyles. It only has to be tolerated. So to our congressman this needs brought up and told to any group that feels there right to there lifestyles are not opposed and as we are not constitutionally required accommodate anything they want. And also it will not be tolerated be taught in our schools. And to become or remain citizen of this great country it required said groups and immigrants seeking asylum and citizenship will respect the Constitution our flag and the culture of the American people and their Christian values in which this country was founded or they will be deported. Anyone wanting to enjoy the freedom our county offers should be held accountable to respect the ones that’s gave there lives to allow these freedoms to exist.

  • May 6, 2021 at 12:38 pm

    Heads Up!
    HB 1182 ( SB 1224) the bathroom bill is now on the Governors desk awaiting his signature.
    Liberals are calling and emailing Governor Lee and telling him to veto HB 1182 now!
    Don’t Let The Veto Happen!!!
    PLEASE call or email Governor Lee and tell him you want him to Sign HB 1182 ( SB 1224) making it the Law in Tennessee as soon as possible !!!
    Every woman I know wants this bill made into law!
    I’m Praying that HB 1182( SB1224) is signed into Law and that the vast Majority of businesses choose the option to Not put up the transgender allowed signs.
    Women need safe bathrooms!!!

  • May 6, 2021 at 2:19 pm

    Heads Up!!!
    The transgender Bathroom Bill HB 1182 ( SB1224) is on the Governors desk.
    Both the House and Senate have approved it!
    LIBERALS are now calling and emailing Governor Lee telling him to veto the bill !!!
    Don’t let that happen !!!
    PLEASE Call or Email Governor Lee and let him know that you want him to sign HB 1182 (SB 1224) making it a Law in Tennessee !!!
    Every woman I know wants this bill made into Law as soon as possible !
    HB 1182 (SB1224) allows the business owners to decide if they want transgender people in their bathrooms. The owner will have the right to decide who uses their bathrooms in their own business! Don’t let the Libs take that away!!!
    If the business owner chooses Not to put up the new signs , then transgender people will not be allowed in those Bathrooms!!! Thank Goodness!!!
    Lets keep bathrooms separate , one for biological Women and one for biological Men!
    I pray that HB1182( SB1224) is passed into a Law and that the vast majority of Tennessee business owners decide not to put up the signs!!!
    Don’t let the Libs Win!
    PLEASE contact Gov. Lee and let his office know that you support HB1182 ( SB1224) and want him to sign it making it into Law!


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