Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office to Provide Home Security Checks for Vacationers

Should Hamilton County offer a “Vacation Watch” service?

Catoosa County, GA – As the holiday vacation season arrives, the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind residents that a “Vacation Watch” service is available.

“The Vacation Watch program is provided to the citizens allowing them to notify the Sheriff’s Office when they will be out of town. Deputies will provide security checks at their home each shift so the homeowner can enjoy their travel.”, as quoted from the Sheriff’s Office website.

WDEF notes that the “Vacation Watch” service is not limited to the Holiday Season, and that it will be offered to Catoosa County residents year-round.

Becky Martin of Catoosa County told News 12 that the “Vacation Watch” service gives her a greater sense of security when leaving home for and extended period of time.

“I did spend Christmas out last year and did not have that available to us. So, we might have extended our vacation knowing that was available.”, Martin said.

We come out to your house several times -at different times throughout the day and night- check on your house and make sure that everything is the way you left it.”, said Captain Jeremy Keener.

“If you tell us what cars are going to be there, cars that are going to be parked in the driveway, any contact information or people we can call if something were to be wrong.”

A reporter with The Tennessee Conservative experienced a home robbery last year just two days before Christmas.

“I left at 6pm for the evening and arrived back home around midnight to find my door and window wide open with multiple valuables missing. In just a 6-hour window of me being absent, my home was broken into.”, said reporter Neil Wolin.

Wolin noted that he did not leave any lights on, as he never expected such brazenness before his planned return that night.

Captain Kenner provided some advice to avoid such an occurrence.

“Lights being left on inside the residence is not a bad thing. Anything you can do to make it look like somebody is there every day.”

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