GOP State Senate Candidate Deletes Equity, Entitlement Statements From His Website Following Conservative Pushback

Image Credit: Jessie Seal for TN State Senate District 8 / Facebook

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

GOP State Senate Candidate, Jessie Seal (R-District 8) has deleted equity and entitlement statements from his campaign website following conservative pushback.

One statement regarding healthcare read, “Prioritizing access to affordable healthcare services remains a key focus. The commitment lies in broadening healthcare coverage and enhancing healthcare outcomes within the district’s community. This endeavor seeks to ensure that essential healthcare services are accessible and effective for all residents. The ongoing effort aims to bridge gaps and promote a healthier, more equitable society.”

Another, having to do with education, stated, “Boosting financial support for educational institutions across Tennessee is imperative, aiming to guarantee that every child receives a high-quality education, irrespective of their geographical location. This initiative aims to bridge the gap in resources and opportunities among different regions, thereby fostering a more equitable learning environment statewide…”

According to his website, Seal also believes that rather than being given the opportunity to prosper, that “all Tennesseans are entitled to prosper in all facets of life.”

According to our source, when Seal – Senator Frank Niceley’s Republican challenger in the primary for District 8 – was challenged on the statements, he claimed that he had no idea who had written them.

Seal, a native of Hancock County who has lived in Claiborne County for 16 years, works as a PR Director for a medical facility.

At his campaign launch event, Seal made comments that appeared to criticize Niceley’s track record on conservative issues but the Strawberry Plains Senator has proven himself to be a protector of freedom on many issues.

Niceley has made The Tennessee Conservative’s list of Top Five Freedom Caucus Conservatives for three years in a row, in 2022, 2023, and in our newly released 2024 RINO Report.

The Tennessee Legislative Report Card also gives Niceley 88 out of 100 for his voting score and an A for leadership for the 2024 legislative session of the General Assembly.

Despite Niceley’s proven track record as a conservative, former member of the Tennessee Executive Committee for District 8, Betty Fain has endorsed Seal, mostly because she believes Niceley is simply too old.

Sources revealed to us Fain’s comments that she made justifying her endorsement, despite her previous support of Niceley. While stating that “it is time for a change,” Fain compared Niceley to President Joe Biden and Mitch McConnell.

“We need someone with energy and determination, a new set of eyes!” said Fain.

Seal, who has said that he “believes it is time that the District 8 Senator is enthusiastic, engaged, and energetic” has garnered comments from critics who state that it appears he is enthusiastically engaged in making sure to never skip a meal and they wonder how energetic he could really be as state senator.

Conservatives say comparing Niceley to McConnell and Biden is not a valid comparison as Niceley has retained the same mental competence that he has always had. 

Firing back in response to Fain’s endorsement of Seal, Glen Neal commented, “No, and I mean no, other candidate in this race has the credentials of Senator Niceley and definitely doesn’t have the accomplishments that Senator Niceley has put forth for the people of the Eighth District. He possesses the values of his constituents and the tenacity to protect those important values. From farmers to teachers to first responders, Senator Niceley has served them in the General Assembly with distinction and honor. Senator Frank Niceley has been the cornerstone of conservatism in Nashville through times when conservative Republicans were far and few between.. Senator Frank Niceley is the true logical choice to remain the State Senator for the Eighth Senatorial District of Tennessee. Join with me in supporting and voting for Senator Frank Niceley in the Republican Primary.

Hear Niceley speak about his values, what he has accomplished, and his plans for the future in his own words HERE.

6 thoughts on “GOP State Senate Candidate Deletes Equity, Entitlement Statements From His Website Following Conservative Pushback

  • July 10, 2024 at 6:28 pm

    He also needs to back away from the table. That shows to me he has no discipline!!

    • July 13, 2024 at 7:04 pm

      LOL!!!!!!!!!! That was one of my first thoughts after seeing the picture! Back away from the donuts buddy! 🤣

  • July 10, 2024 at 8:27 pm

    Another RINO pulling a fast one. Vote NO on Jesse.

  • July 11, 2024 at 1:42 am

    Why am I getting smear campaign flyers for the Seal campaign from Team Kid PAC in Franklin and American Federation for Children in Dallas Texas? They seem kinda confused…Team Kid PAC claims Frank is “bank-rolled by the teachers’ unions” and is anti-choice. Yet he voted against Lockdown Lee’s fake hidden-caption voucher bill that mostly just spent more money on public school salaries and benefits. American Federation for Children claims he blocked parental rights and sided with liberal unions for the same vote against Lockdown Lee’s pork barrel “voucher” bill. Since Seal is so anti-public schools and not sold out to the teacher’s unions, will he propose a real education bill where the $13k per student per year we are spending now actually follows the student – with no additional raises and benefits for public schools (since they are failures and will be losing all those customers)?

  • July 11, 2024 at 7:03 pm

    RI received the same full page color glossy smear card from Team Kid. Odd that on their website is a scorecard of legislators and Frank Niceley scores 100%… why fund the lies?

    Also did some research on Team Kid donors and recipients… according to, the previous two election cycles they have given money to 100% Democrat candidates!

    So why Jesse Seal now?

    Of course his campaign tactics look like those of a Democrat, so maybe he should be asked that. Of course, he may deny any knowledge of the mailing, just like the DEI language on his website.

  • July 11, 2024 at 7:09 pm

    While, I have disagreed With Frank on some issues, I can tell you this Jessie seal has a closet where he hides a lot of things voters do not want him.

    Do not vote for him. What you see is not what you will get he hides a lot of things. For example, he is an anti-Trump individual. He hates President Trump. He has some of the same proclivities as those that would serve as the poster child for the sex offender registry. All people have to do is go look.

    He is bad for your neighborhood. He is bad for your children. He is bad for the state and would end his career in disgrace if we elected him to the Senate when his secrets came to light.

    Vote wisely for a Tennessee statesman Frank Nicely.


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