How Agreeing To Disagree Is Hogwash (Op-Ed)

Don’t Settle For A Tie.

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by Thomas Antkow [Special to The Tennessee Conservative] –

I find the “let’s agree to disagree” approach totally distasteful as a United States Constitution loving, patriotic American citizen. America was built upon the idea of winning. Defeating tyranny, fighting for freedom for those oppressed by slavery, winning over communism and vanquishing discrimination.

Let’s participate in the “disagree to disagree” approach fairly and see if we all can come out on top. All parties involved. My goal is not to vanquish my opponent but to persuade them that I have a position where everyone wins. Look up Tom Hopkins. He was my mentor. Tom changed my perspective on winning. On life.

The goal? Not to walk away with a tie. No one wins that way! Fair interaction is to make your point. Defend your position in such a way as to persuade your opponent to agree. Not cower with resentment. Cooperate not dominate. An intelligent fact-based debate. Accepting that If I “lose”, I still come out ahead.

Unfortunately, that is not the way our current government is working. The “you’ll do what I say and like it approach” just doesn’t fly with independent thinkers outside of the flock and Kool-Aid drinking crowd. Resentment abounds.

I believe that if our government continues to be run by lawyers, former military leaders and individuals lacking business acumen, the average citizen will most likely lose. Each one of those professions has been forged in a WIN AT ALL COSTS philosophy. An adversarial fellowship. Commander vs. soldier. Attorney vs. attorney. We want unity. Not mini dictators, don’t we?

I firmly believe in prayer, spiritual guidance, dedication to the principals of our founding fathers and educated voting with educated voters. Let’s start the New Year with a bang. Not a pitiful tie.

About the Author: Thomas Antkow is currently a freelance writer and produced and hosted his own daily radio show on KCSF AM 1300 and co-hosted talk shows for KVOR AM 740 for Cumulus Broadcasting in Colorado Springs. He can be reached at

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