Lee Announces Bid For City Council Opposing Two Other Candidates

Thomas Lee Has Made The Decision To Run For District 2 Councilman In The Chattanooga City Council But He Faces Some Stiff Competition With Candidates Jenny Hill and Tim Gorman. In This Article, Find Out What Lee Stands For.

Hamilton County, TN – Yesterday morning, Chattanooga Entrepreneur Thomas Lee announced his bid for the District 2 City Council seat.

He will have opposition currently from two other candidates, Jenny Hill and Tim Gorman.

In a conversation with The Tennessee Conservative, Lee said “Both as a citizen and a business owner, I would like to see city government operate in a more transparent and customer focused manner, and I would work to try and make the city operate and treat it citizens like you would treat a customer.” 

Lee is the owner of the small business, Goodhew that has been in operation in Chattanooga for the last 12 years.   

Goodhew designs and sells a line of American manufactured socks to specialty stores across the United States and to a number of foreign countries. 

Lee stated he is a 28-year resident of Chattanooga and that he is a “great fan of the city.” 

“I am excited at the opportunity to bring my business experience, enthusiasm, and problem-solving skills to the task of helping take Chattanooga to the next level,” Lee said. 

Lee describes himself as hard working, organized, responsible, and passionate. 

Lee stated that he hopes to bring all of these attributes to the job of representing District 2 on the Chattanooga City Council. 

“I want to bring my passion for Chattanooga, my business experience, and my problem-solving skills to the Chattanooga City Council to work to find solutions to Chattanooga’s challenges and make our wonderful city an even better place to live,” said Lee. 

Lee says that not every neighborhood has been lifted up by the Chattanooga Renaissance. 

In addition, Lee states that, “We have other nagging problems that we must address such as our public infrastructure and the preparedness of our local labor force.” 

On Lee’s website, he outlines some of the issues Chattanooga faces that he wishes to work on as District 2 Councilman. 

Public Safety & Community – 

• Develop sound development guidelines that protect our neighborhoods 

• Ensure a safer Chattanooga for all citizens through well-funded Police and Fire Departments that have access to appropriate technology to support the efforts toward greater public safety 

• Create and support programs to bolster families in need  

• Help enhance and support a broad array of cultural and arts programs to improve the quality of Chattanooga civic life 

• Support the efforts of our County Commission and School Board to continue to improve our public schools in recognizing the importance of a quality education for all Chattanooga children. A quality education is integral to growing incomes and the ability of companies to find qualified employees 

Infrastructure & Services – 

• Improve District 2 roads that have long been neglected and ensure adequate funding for proper maintenance of all city infrastructure including roads, sewers, and bridges  

• Ensure our streets, parks, schools and neighborhoods are safe and clean 

Economic Development – 

• Make sure Chattanooga is a THRIVING city that is attractive to and friendly toward companies doing business here with the objective or promoting the smart, vibrant growth Chattanoogans want and deserve 

• Seek ways to assist the many small businesses that have suffered irreparable damage from Covid-19 both through new initiatives as well as by partnering with organizations already poised to provide much needed support 

• Attract new businesses to Chattanooga and to create increased employment opportunities for the citizens of Chattanooga that pay a fair living wage 

• Promote the growth of small businesses in Chattanooga with a commitment to fostering a positive environment for the creation of new local businesses 

• Create and support programs to make the Chattanooga workforce employment ready, both to help attract employers and to ensure that the citizens of Chattanooga are prepared for jobs in the 21st Century economy 

Lee states that, “Chattanooga is a wonderful place to live, but we still have many opportunities to make it even better.” 

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