One Fourth Of Surveyed Hamilton County Teachers Have No Plans To Return Next Semester

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Jason Vaughn] –

Teaching has never been an easy job, but the current climate in education has left many teachers struggling to find the will to keep at it. A recent survey shows that a quarter of respondents in Hamilton County are not sure of their future in education after winter break.

Last month, 74 respondents from 34 different Hamilton County schools responded to a survey conducted by the education advocacy group UnifiEd and stated that they were not planning to return to teaching after winter break or they were considering that option.

In addition to those responding that they personally were not coming back, nearly half of the teachers who do plan to return say they know at least one other teacher who is not.

Many are blaming the increase in student violence across the district, specifically greater numbers of threats and physical violence by students against teachers.

Current data reported by Hamilton County Schools to NewsChannel 9 shows that the district has recorded an increase in the number of threats and physical violence during student/teacher interactions since school started. The district notes 109 reported incidents since August and a total of 197 incidents all last year.

Of the six high schools represented by the survey respondents, none of them have reports of increased violence against teachers. All of the increases in violence have been reported in elementary and middle schools.

Hamilton County Schools Chief Equity Officer and Advocacy Officer blames the COVID-19 pandemic for much of the problem. She says being isolated from others and removed from the structure of school has left many students unable to effectively manage themselves.

“Students come to school, yes, to be educated, but they also come to be around their peers, as well as to get some of their basic needs met, and the sense of belonging in the classroom,” Dr. Marsha Drake said.

The survey asked respondents how their concerns are being handled by the school system. 65% of them said, “They are not being addressed at all.”

Most of those teachers responding, however, do not place blame on administrators in their individual schools. Instead, they say the issue is a direct result of the weak discipline policy put into place by the district.

When asked if she was troubled by the results of the survey, Drake said, “If teachers are not feeling comfortable, yes, that is a concern for Hamilton County.”

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  • November 8, 2022 at 6:08 pm

    This is systemic and pervasive around the country. The good teachers will leave and leftist, progressive drones will come in to promote the CRT/SEL (same thing) agenda to our kids. TAKE THEM OUT if you want to save them. Otherwise, they will be sacrificed to the progressive agenda.


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