Religious Discrimination And Employee Medical Freedom Bills Move Forward

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

Two bills of interest to conservative voters are moving forward and have been placed on the calendars of subcommittees.

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House Bill 1694 / Senate Bill 1837 (HB 1694 / SB 1837) – Religious Discrimination

Sponsored by Representative Glen Casada (R-Franklin-District 63) and filed for introduction January 11th, 2022, HB 1694/SB 1837 prohibits the state, a political subdivision, or a public official from prohibiting, or imposing additional restrictions on, the lawful operations of a church or religious organization, including religious services or activities, during a state of emergency, major disaster, or natural disaster. – Amends TCA Title 58.

HB 1694 is now on the calendar of the Public Service Subcommittee for 02/02/2022.

Contact information for Republican subcommittee members below:

Esther Helton (chair) – – (615) 741 – 1934

Rebecca Alexander – – (615) 741-2251

Curtis Johnson – – (615) 741-4341

Kelly Keisling – – (615) 741-6852

Pat Marsh – – (615) 741-6824


House Bill 1867 / Senate Bill 1823 (HB1867 / SB1823) – Employee Medical Freedom

HB 1867, sponsored by Representative Jason Zachary (R-Knoxville-District 14) and SB1823, sponsored by Jack Johnson (R-Franklin-District 23) as introduced, seeks to require an employer with a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination policy to grant an exemption to the policy to any person who provides a medical reason supported by a statement from a licensed healthcare practitioner or a religious reason, and makes other related changes.

The bills also specify that a healthcare practitioner that provides such a statement is acting within the practitioner’s scope of practice, immune from civil liability, and protected from disciplinary action by a health-related board. – Amends TCA Title 14.

HB 1867 is now on the calendar of the Civil Justice Subcommittee for 02/01/2022.

Contact information for Republican subcommittee members below:

Lowell Russell (chair) – – (615) 741-3736

Michael G. Curcio – – (615) 741-3513

Andrew Farmer – – (615) 741-4419

Johnny Garrett – (615) 741-3893

Bruce Griffey – (615) 741-6804

Brandon Ogles – (615) 741-6808

Bob Ramsey – (615) 741-3560

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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