Highlights From 20th Annual Bill Of Rights Banquet In Dayton, Tennessee

Highlights And Video From The 20th Annual Bill Of Rights Banquet In Dayton, Tennessee Featuring Speakers June Griffith, Rev. Matthew Trewhella, And Chief Warrant Officer Louis DeMarco.

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Jefferson County GOP Town Hall Meeting With Citizens For Renewing America Regional Director

The Jefferson County Republican Party Will Be Hosting A Town Hall Meeting With Special Guest Speaker Aundrea Gomez, Tennessee Regional Director For Citizens For Renewing America.

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Conservative Constitutionalist Larry Linton Running For Tennessee House District 12

Press Release By Candidate Larry Linton – I Faithfully Fulfilled My Oath To Our Constitution For My Entire Military Career, Standing In The Gap Between Our Citizens And Those Who Would Do Evil To Us. Now Retired, I Find That Those Would Still Do Evil To Our Country Aren’t On Foreign Shores, They Are In The Political Parties And Their Mini Tyrants That Control All Levels Of Our Government. So, I Am Called To Serve The Constitution Once Again!

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Adhering To The Constitution And The Blurring Of Lines Between Branches Of TN Government (Interview with Deputy Speaker of the TN Senate, Janice Bowling)

In this unprecedented interview, Senator Janice Bowling (Deputy Speaker of The Tennessee Senate) openly speaks of issues in the Tennessee legislature that seem worse this year than ever before.

Bowling sounds off on the importance of practicing Constitutional guaranteed State’s Rights, how good Conservative legislation is being waylaid in subcommittees and committees, the misuse of ‘caption bills’, the suppression of medical freedoms, Governor Lee’s corporate-centric budget, lobbying and the blurring of lines between the branches of Tennessee Government.

All this and much more in this is an eye-opening interview that you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Narrative Manipulation And Awakening From The Fog of War

In 2021, Our Lives Dramatically Changed. The Deliberate Manipulation By The Media And “Experts” Across The Globe To Promote Fear And The Suppression Of Dissenting Opinions From The Approved Narrative, Can Be Clearly Seen For What It Is – The Fog Of War. Although It May Have Taken Two Years, The Momentum Is Swinging. Slowly You See Many People From All Walks Of Life, Awakening From The “Fog” They Have Been In All This Time. From The Media Backtracking And The Parents Recognizing The Programming Of Their Children In Government Run Schools, The Yearning Of The Return To Conservative Principles Is Palpable.

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