Highlights From 20th Annual Bill Of Rights Banquet In Dayton, Tennessee

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

The 20th Annual Bill of Rights Banquet was held in Dayton, Tennessee on December 15th.

The great gathering of Patriots was an opportunity for Tennesseans to stand up for their God-given Rights. 

At the Banquet, attendees met the highest caliber of Patriots and had a delicious meal prepared by famous Caterer, Evelyn Hawkins.

This year’s event had two outstanding speakers, introduced by Tennessean and patriot, June Griffith.

The well-known Rev. Matthew Trewhella, author of THE DOCTRINE OF THE LESSER MAGISTRATES, explained how we have been hoodwinked out of our most basic abilities to stand by the Constitution, an act which was carried out in reality by 88 of the 95 Tennessee Counties who officially stated that, no matter what the Judges ordered, they had a Right to post the Ten Commandments. We won!

Secondly, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Recruiting and Retention Manager, Louis DeMarco, explained the importance of the Tennessee State Guard and its resurrection.

Watch excerpts of the banquet’s speakers below:

Intro by June Griffith:

Matthew Trewhella:

Louis DeMarco:

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