Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes, Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted! Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked! & More…

🗳️Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes On Sanctuary Cities…

⚧️Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted!

✡️Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked!

🏗️ Unwelcome Industrialization of Tennessee Farmland 🚜

💰 Cost Of Living Crisis In Tennessee Continues 💰

⚡️ Dimming Electric Vehicle Market 🔌

& More on The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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How Tennessee’s Cost Of Living Compares To Nation

While Consumers Across The Country Are Paying More For Goods And Services Now Than They Were A Year Ago, Exactly How Much They Are Paying Depends Largely On Where They Live, As Some States Have A Far Higher Cost Of Living Than Others. Overall, The Cost Of Living In Tennessee Ranks As The Sixth Lowest Among States.

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Let’s Talk Minimum Wage! Special episode Of – By – and For the People!

Talking about the minimum wage! A special episode with Of – By – and For the People! Cost of living – when did minimum wage start – pros/cons – how will it affect business owners AND employees – good conversation with Brandon Lewis and Eric Buchanan!
Watch, Listen And Enjoy!

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