What Has Happened To Our America? Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD

What Good Is Knowing About What Is Happening If You Are Unable To Do Anything About The Destruction? As A Student Of History, I Have Tried To Imagine What Others Have Felt As Conquering Armies Rampage Or Injustice Is Institutionalized. I Often Feel Frustrated And Angry As I Watch The Disassembly Of Our Country.
A Friend Asked Me, “What Will Happen?” I Told Him I Don’t Know, But History Teaches That Internal Rot Leads To Societal Collapse Or Violent Revolution. We May Be Spared Because We Have A Mechanism Of Altering A Destructive Course. Voting Is Crucial To Avoid The Inevitable Collapse Which Awaits Us. We Must Show Up And Tell The Progressive Democrat Socialists, “No!” But This Cannot Be Done With A 6% Voter Turnout As We Had For The Recent Knox County Primary Elections.

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