What We Can Learn From A Red Tide (Op-Ed)

An Object Lesson in Local Action Which You’re Not Going to Like.

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By Kat Stansell, Grassroots Coordinator at American Policy Center –

Another institutionalized slap-down of the will of the people has  happened. The Red Wave wasn’t allowed to occur. Election fraud has become factual. Undeniable. It’s time to use it to fuel  freedoms’ fires. America is hot and needs to put this energy to  good use. 

As of sunrise on November 9, the latest polls told us that as  many as 81% of Americans wanted change. THAT was the will of the people which should have shown up in the ballot count –  THAT DAY.  

Of course, many of that 81% had already voted early and by  mail, which was the worst thing they could have done. It allowed their ballots to be held and inserted when and if necessary for  the desired outcome. Keep what you need to engineer the results you want, and toss the rest. That’s the game. In some  leftist states, mailed ballots are the only choice. Now, it is easy to understand why Vote By Mail is so favored by the Left.  

 I do believe that a lot of Constitutional patriots who had a choice, voted early or by mail with good intent. With furor, even. They were steaming – as was most of the country – about the  abuses to which our lives and our laws have been subjected, and a huge majority were ready to prevent that from ever happening  again. They couldn’t wait to vote.

But it did happen again. The control of one house of Congress  wasn’t the change we’d voted for at the polls. 

The “Red Wave” became a red tide. 

A red tide is an overgrowth of a simple lower life form, which  occurs when colonies of them grow out of control and “produce  toxic or harmful effects on people, … food sources (sic.) and  birds. The human illnesses caused … can be debilitating or even  lethal…. ” The algae…produce toxins that kill … and make the  surrounding air difficult to breathe. Thanks, NOAA, for the apt  definition.  

That pretty much describes Election 2022. The scum-sucking  lower life forms that have been infesting the workings of our  nation and poisoning our lives were washed up for all to see. No  doubts this time. They have caused illnesses, both debilitating  and lethal. They have destroyed food sources. They have produced toxins, both scientific and societal, which kill. The air is getting difficult to breathe.  

The only positive side of all this is that the misnomer of party  labels has been washed away and we now see clearly. The enemy is on both sides. It’s just more apparent than ever.  

So, now we can act, clearly and strongly. NO more questions or  confusion. 

The will of the people was throttled by force. This time around, it included courts and the military as well as election officials and  machines programmed to cheat. But angry Americans held their  powder, and did not provide the violence the Left so fervently  desired, and for which they were thoroughly prepared. Good for  our cooler heads.  

Now, we must rethink. EVERYTHING. Every approach should be analyzed for effectiveness and funding. I believe that we must reassemble into the kind of majority that we know we are, and  become a real force with which to be reckoned. Forget appealing to the scum in DC. They just tuned you out and turned you off on Nov. 9.  

It is mandatory that we “reverse-pollute” their Swamp with  people who truly represent the Republic, not the Deep State corporation. This applies to national offices as well as positions  of power such as party chair, on both states and national levels.  Fresh air gags the mouth breathers, and fresh water makes for  greater transparency down through the depths of the algal  growth. For now, we must work within the current structure,  while we begin to overhaul the destruction of our Constitutional  Republic. There are great minds at work on this even now.  

To do this requires stronger and better local action, to stand hard on those currently in office while searching out those who can  and will do better. We are well past the time for contemplation.  The lessons from the last stolen election are now readily and  factually apparent. We must ACT.  

There is a growing tide of citizens reaching out to us at The  American Policy Center, who are ready to start or expand their  local action groups. A second electoral debacle has opened a lot of eyes. We are ready to help by showing you how, step by step. 

Rather than going on about local action at this point though, I  want to show you something else, a real object lesson on it. I  hope that what you are about to read makes something inside  you go “pow***!” Settle in for a few…there is a lot of  information here. 

After all, reassessment following loss can be very valuable.  Hillary Clinton will show you about this… 

* * *

On the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration, January 20, 2017,  two progressive local action organizations were formed. They  were dedicated to getting people involved, trained and organized  to run for office. Hillary had decided to reassess and build back  the losses from 2016, when their planned fraud had failed  “hyugely.” 

Their losses honed their energy. May ours do the same. 

The first organization of 2017 was Hillary’s “Onward Together”,  designed to get more people involved in, and donating to, the  Leftist political process. In May of the same year, Hillary selected “Run for Something”, as one of her “partner organizations”. RFS  was a new progressive organization founded on the same exact  date as Onward”, by Hillary’s former email director, a young up  and coming socialist, Amanda Litman, and I am sure, with  Hillary’s help.  

RFS was dedicated to recruiting and supporting young progressives, aka, socialists with hard left mindsets, as  candidates to run for “down ballot”, or local offices and to  fight back against “American gerontocracy” (the old people in  their own party!) “Make public office desirable, interesting, and  honorable again!” By turning it Marxist. Yeah. That’s the soul of honor.  

Right under the candidate’s name, on their website, is their  pronoun preference, in case you aren’t yet convinced that this  group is the real Marxist deal. Just FYI. 

The political neophytes recruited by RFS are taught how to run,  how to get on ballots, and, frankly, how to lie. One young girl  ran for school board in Chattanooga, TN, and said she was  presenting herself as a “conservative” because that’s what they  like down there. Tell the people what you think they want to  hear. Funding is provided by thousands of donors, large and  small.


Read up on this gang. It’ll help with the “pow***”. Then, stop  for a minute to consider one of the lighter notes in this all:  Hillary Clinton, the washed up old politician/crook founded an  organization to get kids to step over their elders. It would be  funny, if it weren’t so serious.  

Painting older more experienced people as something to disrespect and fight against is a perfect Marxist model.  Remember Progressive Insurance, who “can’t prevent you from  becoming your parents”? Now, this attitude has found an official spot in local politics. But, I digress. 

“Down ballot offices” is the operative thought here.  

 These are vital but frequently ignored positions on school  boards, city councils and county commissions, lower judicial  benches, even water control boards. Any office will suffice to get the candidate’s name in front of the voters, and the seat, held by a Progressive Leftist. 

 They even work against the local Democrat party office holders – “White men who have networks to draw on for funding” – to  break their hold. Traditional party structure – even their own –  is the enemy of the socialists/Marxists. The old “blue dog”  Democrats are in the process of being put down by their own. 

Remember that the goal of the Democrat Socialists of America,  who elected AOC and Omar and dozens of others, is to turn the  entire Democrat Party into socialists/Marxists. Since the DSA  first appeared in 2017 (that magic year!), they have helped elect  dozens to national office, while a number of current and past  congressional Democrats have joined that wing of the Party.  

Everybody on the Left works in concert. Onward helps RFS helps DSA. Another object lesson for us. 

Since 2017, the year we elected Trump and were about to enjoy  four good years, RFS has brought over 90,000 people into its  pipeline. They have endorsed 1800 candidates and elected 637  – before 2022, in every state in the union. I found different  numbers in different places, but I’m not going to quibble. It’s about infiltration and power.  

For further inspection, here is a wake-up call for a few of the  “good red states” who seem to think they have nothing to worry  about. Below are the RFS candidates, who were run AND  elected in “safe states” between 2018 and 2021. It is unclear,  due to discrepancies between sources, if 2022 election numbers  are included. This information is compiled from their own and  other websites. I highlighted some of the real surprises… 

 AL: Run: 18; Elected: 4 Success rate: 22%  AR: Run: 26; Elected 13 Success rate: 50%  FL: Run: 77; Elected 32 Success rate: 42%  GA: Run: 38; Elected 5 Success rate: 13%  NC: Run: 49; Elected 0 Success rate: 0 

 OK: Run: 21; Elected 4 Success rate: 19%  SC: Run: 22; Elected 9 Success rate: 41%  TX; Run: 80; Elected 18 Success rate: 22.5%   VA: Run: 54; Elected 6 Success rate: 11% 

Other red states’ numbers vary, but are very telling. Just in number of candidates run, MO has had to deal with 44; OH, 113; In, 68; TN, 40. Even WY, arguably the most conservative state  out there, has had 2 on their ballots. The numbers in PA explain  their problems: a total of 138 socialists have been on ballots,  statewide, since 2018. 

The numbers of candidates run, differ by year and by state, of  course, but also it seems, by what was happening on the national scene, it seems. If they thought they had a good chance, they  ran more people; if not, they seemed to hold back. But, always  know they are there, and they will be back in the next cycle.  

So, yes, worry. Please. It’s past time. If you have not done so before, start NOW. The enemy who would steal our freedom is  crafty and very well organized and funded. It will be YOUR job  to ferret them out and expose them for what they are. No national hero is going to come in and do it for you. 

Of course, NC deserves kudos for not having elected a single one  of the young progressives, to date. Might be by accident, might  not. We know, though, that NC is a target state for the socialists  to flip as soon as possible. So, the NC legislature has already  voted to start a “trial run” of ERIC, the far-left voter registration  organization masquerading as a voter roll maintenance group. If  you live in this state, or care about anyone who does, sound the  alarm on this. After Jan. 2023, the name of every citizen of NC  will be fed into the maw of the massive artificial intelligence  system of ERIC, and will be utilized in any fashion seen fit by the  Left. This is what they do. If they fail on one front, they attack on another

 * * * 

That is the message here. The enemy, who is stealing our freedoms and chipping away at the bedrock of our society –  family, education and religion – works at it diligently and  LOCALLY! Right under our noses, they are putting advocates of CRT onto our school boards; greenie weenies (who can’t explain why CO2, which supports all life, is such an enemy) onto our county boards; and those who revile our Constitutional law onto  our judicial benches, and into law enforcement.  

 Are teachers off the rails in your mind? Do the local DA’s make  you crazy with their rulings FOR the crook and against innocent  people everywhere? Now, you understand that it is by design.  

Look what they have done since they lost in 2016! What have  WE done since 2020? 

I’m almost finished here…please stay with me. I’ve got to get it  out of my craw where it’s been building for a long while. 

* * * 

If you care about your freedom, you MUST get involved locally.  The summary above, of just one of their organizations, shows without the shadow of a doubt, the persistent and fanatic energy of those who want our freedoms to be lost forever. These people  are proudly “socialist” and fundamentally, Marxist. Go after  them!  

Yes, our Lord is there behind us, but it’s His blessing of a free  nation which is at risk. He gave us a free country; soon it won’t  be. Now, we are still free to worship and conduct our lives; soon  we will not be. I am convinced that He doesn’t want us  squandering His gift. His son overturned the tables of the money changers. Does he not expect us to do as He did? 

I have spoken with, and been uplifted by, freedom-loving patriots in nearly every state. They know what is needed. For them, I  provide the information here as fertilizer for their growth. This  article is dedicated to them. Kudos for your insights and hard  work.

For those who still wonder if local action is “where it’s at”, I  wanted you to know the answer, and join in.  

It bears repeating: In five short years, a group of people  who just lost a big election, and were shocked because  they weren’t “supposed to”, managed to put over 600 of  the farthest left youth into our local governments. 

They persist. When Trump was elected in 2016, they regrouped. Although their planned Coup failed that year, they forged ahead.  Remember the shocked glassy expressions on election night  when DJT was declared the winner? How can we forget? But,  they’re back, and their faces now reflect determination instead of shock. They have since stolen two national elections which has  furthered their totalitarian agenda at lightening speed. 

Again, what have WE done since 2020? 

We must shock the waters to neutralize the red tide. Lower life forms must be removed from elective office, and replaced by people we trust. Recall votes function well in many places. 

We at APC will help you, wherever you are, and however many  people of like mind in your community you have gathered. We can tell you how to make it happen. See our website; email or call us. Let us know what  questions you have. 

My gratitude to the millions of people across this great nation  who love their freedoms enough to work to save them. I  dedicate this to you. Now, off the couch and out the door! We  have a country to save. 

~ Kat 

‘PS>>>*** “Pow” is an emotion, both visceral and physical, that  tightens the gut and focuses the mind. Nausea, followed by new 

energy and clarity; as found in Kat’s dictionary, Litter Box edition. 

3 thoughts on “What We Can Learn From A Red Tide (Op-Ed)

  • November 30, 2022 at 5:33 pm

    We need more and more concerned conservatives to realize the problem is on both sides of the aisle and to actually know (as best they can) their “Republican” candidates. There seems to be just as many (R)s in the swamp as (D)s.

  • January 3, 2023 at 11:29 pm

    Is this the same “Kat” (Kathy; Katherine) Stansell who was active in eastern Virginia for a few years where she was shunned by every county Republican Party? Someone needs to ask her what happened to her “United in Strength For America” “organization”. Is she still shacking up with Gary Adkins?

  • April 15, 2023 at 11:05 am

    “It allowed their ballots to be held and inserted when and if necessary for the desired outcome.”

    Bullshit. Ballots that arrive early are all counted on or before election day but the results are not announced until all ballots have been counted so as not to influence voters who have not cast ballots. Ballots are NOT “held and inserted” later to swing the election one way or the other.


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