Former TN Dept of Health Commissioner Piercey Joins ETSU Board of Trustees (Op-Ed)

Lisa Piercey And The Tennessee Health Department Were Accused Of Marketing To Minors And The GOP Led Government Operations Committee Was Rightly Concerned With The Strategy Of Circumventing Parents. Now Piercey Will Sit On The Board Of Trustees That Has Already Requested A Blanket Authority To Mandate Vaccines.

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Tennessee Public School Funding Formula Passes House Committee

A New Funding Formula For Tennessee’s Public Schools Continued To Wind Its Way Through Legislative Committees On Monday.

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TN House Passes Bill To Withhold Funding If Athletes Compete Outside Birth Gender

Any Tennessee School District That Allowed A Student To Compete In Athletics Without Determining Their Gender Based On The Student’s Birth Certificate Would Lose State Funding Under A Bill That Passed Thursday In The State House.

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House Health Committee Advances Tele-Med Abortion Ban

The “Tennessee Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act”, A Bill That Would Penalize Physicians For Prescribing Abortion Inducing Drugs Via Telehealth Appointments, Continues To Make Progress As The House Health Committee Recommended It For Passage.

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It’s All About Liberty [Interview with Senator Janice Bowling]

In this interview, Bowling gives us updates on Corporate/Private Vaccine Mandates & Liability, Forced Masking of Children & Students in Government Schools/Colleges, and Separation of Powers.

Bowling also walks us through how many good bills with strong Conservative standing were killed or watered down to the point of being ineffective in the Tennessee Legislature.

Bowling also offers practical advice for Conservatives who want to help claw back the liberties and freedoms that have been taken over the past 18 months.

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Legislative Committee Focuses On TN Vaccination Efforts For Minors

A Discussion On Tennessee’s Vaccination Policies And A Follow-Up On A Past Meeting With The Department Of Health Dominated The Tennessee Legislature’s Government Operations Committee Meeting Wednesday.

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