Less Than A Quarter Of Registered Voters Will Likely Decide Races In Today’s Election

According To The Secretary Of State’s Website, Just 11% Of Registered Tennessee Voters Have Voted Early Or Absentee So Far In Today’s Election; 132,720 Fewer Voters Than This Time Two Years Ago. Out Of The 4,210,456 Registered Voters In The State Only 477,873 Have Already Voted.

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If All Government Is Local, So Are Elections

Today’s Local Government Political Machines Are A Mixed Bag, Depending On Demographics. In Rural Areas, You Have “The Good Ol Boys.” In The Large Cities, You Have “The Establishment.” But They Are A Tight Knit Group Of Locals Who Go Along To Get Along To Maintain Power. They Do As Much As We Allow Them To Do. Hiding Election Information Is One Thing That They Are Extremely Proficient At.

Since All Government Is Local, Local Elections Are The Most Important Place To Cast Your Vote. If You Have A City Or A County That Is Not Notifying You Of Every Single Election And Referendum, They Are Violating The 1965 Voting Rights Act. They Need To Be Reminded That “Federal Law Trumps State Law And Protects Voter Disenfranchisement.” You’d Be Surprised How Few Local Governments Have Ever Been Told This.

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