TN Secretary Of State Warns Of New Scam Targeting Tennesseans

Secretary Of State Tre Hargett Is Warning Tennesseans About An Official-Looking Mailer From TN UCC Statement Service That Incorrectly Implies That Businesses Or Individuals Need A Copy Of The UCC-1 Financing Statement Filed Against Them.

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Teacher’s Union And School Boards Continue To Fight Against Option For Students To Receive Classical Education In Tennessee (Update)

To Date, Three School Boards In Tennessee Have Denied American Classical Academy’s Applications To Open Charter Schools In Rutherford, Madison And Montgomery Counties Seemingly Due To The School’s “Misleading” Ties With Hillsdale College.

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TN Legislative Mailer Allowance Was At Center Of Casada, Cothren Arrests

Tennessee Law Allows For Incumbent Legislators To Spend Up To $3,000 Annually For Postage And Printing Of Items Sent To Constituents. The Representatives Are Then Allowed To Spend More Than That Out Of Their Own Political Campaign Funds. Those Rules Are At The Center Of Tuesday’s Arrest Of Former House Speaker Glen Casada And His Chief Of Staff Cade Cothren On Federal Charges Of A Political Mailer Conspiracy. The Indictment States That, Because Tennessee Receives More Than $10,000 From The Federal Government, That The Alleged Conspiracy Used Federal Funds.

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25 Political Endorsements for REAL Conservatives in TN, Election Lies, Teachers’ Union, RINOs Fighting Against School Choice, & More!

• 25 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

• PAC Sends Deceptive Mailer Targeting Conservative Candidate Running Against GOP Incumbent

• Tennessee Education Association Encourages Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Senator Briggs

• House Education Committee Chair To Use Influence To Block Charter Schools In General Assembly

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Election Shenanigans, Teachers Unions And National Guard Medical Freedom With Lewis & Abernathy

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss A Political Action Committee’s False Accusations Sent Out In A Mailer To Williamson County Voters Against Conservative Candidate For District 27, Gary Humble.

They Also Discuss The Mailer Sent By The Tennessee Education Association To Encourage Crossover Raiding By Democrats In The Republican Primary To Re-Elect Senator Richard Briggs.

In Closing, They Discuss Governor Lee’s Response To The Tennessee National Guard Member’s Plea For Protection Of Their Medical Freedoms.

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Conservative Super PAC Claims Two TN-5 Candidates “Too Liberal For Tennessee”

School Freedom Fund, A Conservative Super PAC Based In Washington, D.C., Sent Out Mailers This Week To Residents In The TN-5 Congressional District Claiming That Two Of The Candidates Running In That Race Are “Too Liberal For Tennessee.”

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PAC Sends Deceptive Mailer Targeting Conservative Candidate Running Against GOP Incumbent

Tennessee Conservatives PAC Recently Sent A Deceptive Mailer To Williamson County Voters Alleging That District 27 Conservative Candidate Gary Humble Is A “Grifter” And That He Has A Long History Of “Selling Out Conservatives.” Note: The Tennessee Conservative News Publication Is In No Way Associated With Tennessee Conservatives PAC.

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Wamp Doubles Down on Slanderous Mailer Denials

To Be Clear, I Would Not Type The First Word About This If Weston Wamp, Who I Have Known For Many Years, Had Told Me The Truth About All The Negative Mailers Friends Connected To His Campaign Have Funded For Him. I Have Personally Contacted Him Twice About These Ads And Mailers, And Twice He Has Refused To Be Truthful. I Expected Better.

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