We Stood Our Ground, We Changed How Congress Works (By Congressman Andy Ogles)

It Matters How Congress Works. For The Last Several Years, A Few Select Members Of House Leadership – From Both Parties – Have Worked In Secret To Draft Bills And Prevent Most Members Of Congress From Having Any Kind Of Say Over Important Pieces Of Legislation. If Members Want To Introduce An Amendment To Improve A Bill, “Too Bad, So Sad”. Unless House Leadership Likes Your Idea, It Probably Won’t Even Be Debated – Much Less Voted On.

That’s What I Fought Against All Of Last Week. When House Leadership Tries To Deny The Right Of Rank-And-File Members To Influence The Debate, They’re Really Limiting The Right Of The American People To Influence The Debate Of What’s Being Considered In Their Name. That’s Unacceptable, And It’s Why I Was Proud To Join Nineteen Of My Colleagues In Saying Enough Is Enough.

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Omnibus Bill Prioritizes Overseas Border Security Over U.S. Border

The $1.7 Trillion Omnibus Bill That’s Over 4,155 Pages Long Includes Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars To Fund Border Security Efforts In Other Countries But Would Prohibit Funding New U.S. Border Security Technology And Capabilities.

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