Bill To Criminalize Abortion Trafficking Of Tennessee Minors Passed By House Committee

The Tennessee House Health Committee Passed Legislation That Would Make It A Criminal Offense For An Adult Who Is Not The Parent Or Guardian Of A Minor Child To Assist The Minor With Concealing Or Obtaining An Abortion.

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Bill That Would Ban Pride Flags In Tennessee Public School Classrooms Passes In House Committee

Following A “Contentious” Hearing In The House K-12 Education Subcommittee Earlier This Month, A Bill To Ban Pride Flags In Public School Classrooms Was Passed In The Full House Education Administration Committee This Week.

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My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony & Much More In The TennCon BIG 7!

🔥 My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony…

GOP Leadership Hides Committee Votes From Voters Again & Throttles Access…

Ending Gov. Lee’s Abuse Of “Executive Orders”

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Tennessee House Select Committee On Rules Kills Rule Change That Would Have Provided More Transparency In Government Operations

Representative Bryan Richey Proposed A Rule Change That Would Require All Votes In House Committee Hearings Be A Roll Call Vote, Instead Of The Current Voice Vote, Which Doesn’t Keep A Record Of How Representatives Vote In A Committee Hearing. Not One Democrat Or Republican On The Committee Voted In Favor.

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Special Session Triggered Increased Scrutiny Of Legislators, Roll Call Votes In House Committees Would Improve Credibility And Transparency

Tennessee House Committee Votes Are Frequently Taken By Voice Vote, Adding To The Distrust Of The Committee Process. There Is Too Much Room For Misinterpretation Of Committee Votes If The Ayes And Nays Are Not Clear Enough For Onlookers, Or Even Committee Chairs. Even A Runaway Voice Vote, One Direction Or The Other, Leaves Doubt As To How Certain Members Voted. This Is A Transparency Problem With An Easy Fix, And The House Committee Chairs Have The Remedy.

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Effort To End Deceptive Voice Votes In Tennessee House Brought By Rep. Richey

On The House Floor This Week, Freshman Representative Bryan Richey Made A Motion To Amend The Current Rules Of Procedure For How Members Of House Committees And Subcommittees Cast Their Votes.

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CORRECTION: Retiring TN Rep Says “Lack of Transparency Major Issue in the Tennessee House”

Retiring Representative David Byrd (R-Waynesboro-District 71) Told The Tennessee Conservative That Many Legislators “Hide Behind” The Lack Of Roll Call Votes When They Don’t Want The Public To Know Their Stance On A Piece Of Legislation, Leading To Many Good Conservative Bills Being Killed In Subcommittees And Committees With No Official Record Made Of Who Was Responsible.

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