TN Secretary Of State Warns Of New Scam Targeting Tennesseans

Secretary Of State Tre Hargett Is Warning Tennesseans About An Official-Looking Mailer From TN UCC Statement Service That Incorrectly Implies That Businesses Or Individuals Need A Copy Of The UCC-1 Financing Statement Filed Against Them.

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Why Tennessee Primary Turnout Is the Lowest In U.S. (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Next Time You Complain About A Massive Property Tax Hike To Your County Commissioner, Just Ask Yourself? Did You Vote For Him In The Last Primary Election? Did You Know That He Also Works For The County Road Department, And His Division Got A Huge Increase In Funding? Or Did You Vote At All?

Every Election There’s A Lot Of Focus On Who Voted. But There’s Little Debate About Who Didn’t Vote.

Most People Think Voting Is Casting Votes On Election Day Amongst A Frenzy Of Signs And Banners For State And National Offices. Those Who Say “I Voted For The Lesser Of Two Evils” Are Usually Those Who Seldom Carefully Study Their Candidates And Vote For The Best Ones Running In The Primaries.

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Op-Ed: Heritage Foundation’s Election Integrity Scorecard Misses Mark In Tennessee

Resting On The Laurels Of One Election Scorecard That Really Doesn’t Measure All Aspects Of Our Election Is Dangerous. Leaders Throughout Tennessee Need To Face The Fact That We Have Critical Election Integrity Issues That Must Be Addressed To Ensure Our Representative Constitutional Government Doesn’t Die.

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Lawmakers Won’t Seek Hargett’s Resignation Following DUI Arrest

Tennessee’s Legislative Leaders Might Have Been Caught Off Guard By Republican Secretary Of State Tre Hargett’s DUI Charge After Bonnaroo Friday Night, But They Aren’t Calling For His Head.

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Dissatisfaction With Biden Presidency To Blame For Poor Democratic Voter Turnout?

Reports Show That Largely Democratic Davidson County Has Much Less Early Voter Turnout Than Nearby Largely Republican Conservative Wilson County.

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Republican Senators Call For Public Hearing Before Senate Vote On War Powers (Update)

United States Senators Bill Hagerty, Mitt Romney, Mike Rounds, Marco Rubio, And Ron Johnson Sent A Letter To The Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Requesting A Public Hearing Before The Committee Decides To Consider Legislation To Repeal Authorizations For Use Of Military Force Against Iraq.

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