Ron Travis Running For Reelection: A Look At His Voting Record

Rep. Ron Travis (R-Dayton-District 31) Has Been In Office Since 2012 And Is Facing A GOP Challenger As He Runs For Reelection In 2024. While Rep. Travis Has Voted In A Conservative Manner On Many Bills, He Also Seems To Have A Tendency Of “Going Along To Get Along” When It Comes To The Majority Of GOP Bills That Make It To The House Floor, Voting In Favor Of Them Whether They Are Conservative Pieces Of Legislation Or Not.

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Tennessee Has 37th Highest Property Tax Rates In U.S.

Tennessee Has The 37th Highest Property Tax Rate On Owner-Occupied Property In The Country, According To A New Report From The Tax Foundation.

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It’s All About Liberty [Interview with Senator Janice Bowling]

In this interview, Bowling gives us updates on Corporate/Private Vaccine Mandates & Liability, Forced Masking of Children & Students in Government Schools/Colleges, and Separation of Powers.

Bowling also walks us through how many good bills with strong Conservative standing were killed or watered down to the point of being ineffective in the Tennessee Legislature.

Bowling also offers practical advice for Conservatives who want to help claw back the liberties and freedoms that have been taken over the past 18 months.

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Van Buren County GOP Event To Feature DesJarlais, Rose, Sexton & Bowling

On Saturday, September 18th, The Van Buren County Republican Party Will Host Their 2021 Deplorables Dinner Featuring Speakers Congressman Scott DesJarlais, Congressman John Rose, House Speaker Cameron Sexton And Senator Janice Bowling.

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