Three Days Of Consecutive School Bus Crashes

Signal Mountain, TN – A school bus went off the road on Signal Mountain Thursday while on the way to Thrasher Elementary.

The bus was in route to pick up students, but there were no students on board at the time of the incident.

The driver was not injured and there was no substantial damage to the school bus.

WRCB reports that the school bus was stuck in the ditch and had to be pulled out amidst a large traffic pile-up.

The driver made a sharp turn on Taft Highway near Hampton Road, which led to the bus entering the ditch.

Parents were notified about the bus running late and were later informed about a second bus being sent to bring their children home.

An inspection will be done on the Hamilton County school bus before returning it to service.

“The bus has been pulled off the route to be inspected before use again & a different bus and driver were sent to pick up students at Thrasher. The safety of our students & staff remains our top priority & we will take appropriate action to ensure this incident isn’t repeated”, wrote the Hamilton County School System on Twitter.

After Tuesday’s tragic Meigs County school bus crash that killed 2, a school bus driver in Catoosa County was arrested for driving impaired on Wednesday.

Hamilton County’s school bus hitting a ditch makes three consecutive days of local school bus incidents.

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