Why We Came To Tennessee And Why This State Is On Its Way To Becoming California (Op-Ed)

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Submitted by a concerned Tennessean who wishes to remain anonymous –

Some people move to TN because of the low taxes and housing prices. That was the furthest thing from our minds. 

My husband and I, and our kids, were born and raised in southern California. We lived within biking distance to the beach. The weather is consistently beautiful year round, and our kids were at the best public schools in the state…but things started to change, drastically. 

We first noticed something was off with our school when our youngest told us his classes had rainbow flags on top of the American flag. We had no issues with what people do in their bedroom, but we thought it was odd that this political flag was in the classrooms.

Next our son brought home a homework assignment with glossary words about transgenderism, gender conforming, hormonal suppressions and he was asked to write about “Redefining Gender” using these terms and to look up the transgender tool kit online. And then it kept escalating! 

The next assignment included pedophilia. His assignment included writing that in order for a young New Guinea boy to become a man they need to “swallow the semen of a man.” 

We had had enough and made every effort including notifying other parents which, unfortunately, proved to be futile. The other parents in Southern California were “progressives” and felt that they trusted the schools. They saw no issues with it. Even though my husband and I contacted the principal and language arts board, we were shot down. The reason was clear: parents in California just didn’t care. 

California is a godless state and most of those parents couldn’t care less about their constitutional rights, the sexualization and moral destruction of their children and community. Their god is money and big government. And that is why we moved, because it was too late to make a change. 

We came to one of the most conservative counties in Tennessee, because we thought there was no way the good people of Tennessee would stand for that filth in their schools. But we were wrong and now we can see that here, in Wilson County, we are only about two years away from becoming California. And there is NOWHERE else to go after this.

That’s why I’m here to tell you that if  we choose to be complacent and lazy, we are choosing to lose our freedoms. As parents, we need to know what our children are being taught. The schools work for us!  And if the teachers and curriculum are not in line with our values, then we need to make changes now.  

California is a loss…the parents have no backbone and are “too busy to care.” So looking at California now you will see the highest homeless population, hard drugs accessible to children, abortion at full term, and full sexualization of children.

The books we are talking about that are here in Tennessee are NOT mild. These books are in every school and they are negatively impacting our children. Some books depict step by step instructions on how to cook meth, step by step instructions on vaginal and anal sex. Is this the type of education we want for our children? Maybe if you’re trying to prepare your kid to live on the streets. 

The schools will say that the Bible includes all these topics, but clearly they have never read it.  The Bible can be read at church. If you tried to read these inappropriate books out-loud at work you would lose your job, you would be kicked out of church. There’s no comparison. I have plenty of examples, and you need to see them. 100% of parents that see it, that actually open these books, are disgusted and shocked. 

The problem is that most do not want to even look. Why? Because then we would feel guilty for not doing something. Instead, we have found that parents are either too busy, too lazy or they fear the minority of vocal, crazy people on social media. 

Parents, if you care about your children, your children’s children, and your community… please get off the couch and come to the school board meetings once a month. You don’t even need to speak, but you need to be there to clap and support the ones that are willing to speak to protect the children. It’s a critical time for us to take back our community, our county and to protect ALL of the children from this sick agenda.

6 thoughts on “Why We Came To Tennessee And Why This State Is On Its Way To Becoming California (Op-Ed)

  • February 9, 2023 at 1:00 am

    When I moved here in 2015, I was shocked that the mayor of Nashville came from CA. Her term didn’t end too well. I agree with the writer of this commentary, & as soon as economically possible, I’ll be returning to my commonsense, conservative county in the purple state of PA. I would rather fight there than here for the Constitution & freedom.

  • February 10, 2023 at 4:06 am

    I wonder when parents will decide that Gov’t Schools are prisons. They are grooming your children and brainwashing them.

    I wonder when parents will finally figure out to exit the system and homeschool?

    • March 17, 2023 at 2:14 am

      I agree with you.. Some ppl can’t afford to move, home school their kid’s, or put them in private school’s. I agree with going to school board meeting’s and other event’s. My daughter just got a new job and her new friend she work’s with just came from Cali. Bought a lakefront home, she’s bored and a raging Lib my daughter say’s. She mostly talked about the wine wineyard’s, and her love for that place. She agreed to move but said she wouldn’t move to an A. state. I take that as a red state or any Southern state. She has started out with a bad attitude it seem’s.. My daughter is dreading it and said other worker’s were already fired up!

  • February 10, 2023 at 2:12 pm

    I see many facets of the immorality sweeping this country. People moving and spread ideas, many horrifyingly bad and evil. But you can not keep running from one place to another and not expect to have to fight against these ideas. At some point you have to stop, and face the enemy, and engage the enemy.

    If you want to know what’s coming in the future to your community, you have to pay attention and be involved as best you can at all levels: home, and in governance: school, county, local, state, and federal. The best advice I can give is to watch “California Insider” on yt or the Epoch Times. It is an independent and indepth conversation with people in California about the issues that they face because of the political machine that cares little about the people and the consequences. It appears to be all about power and money. Unfortunately, California is more than willing than ever, to export those ideas across our country. Their vision for the future are very idealistic. However the paths that they are taking to get there, are absolutely twisted and tyrannical.

  • March 23, 2023 at 4:09 am

    Its the people that moved here and complain about the fact that most of us try to get along with each other, even if we dont see eye to eye. We are still neighbors, customers, friends, etc. The folks that moved here thinking it was a utopia of the ultra conservative didnt do their homework. Yall need to keep moving….. TN is not going to change, for you, the locals will let you know that quickly. Just ask mark pulliam, and he will tell you its not been what he expected and he has had nothing but failures trying to mold us into his what he expected before he got here.


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