Andy Ogles Leads In GOP TN-5 Straw Poll At County Event

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

A Trump Day Dinner held last week drew in nearly 450 people who attended; the largest Republican event ever held in Wilson County. 

Attendees heard from candidates running for the newly drawn 5th Tennessee Congressional District and a Straw Poll was conducted after they had addressed the crowd.

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Here are the results:

1st Place – Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles, 112 votes or 29.3%

2nd Place – Natisha Brooks, 55 votes or 14.3%

3rd Place – former Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives Beth Harwell, 49 votes or 12.8%

4th Place – Morgan Ortagus, 42 votes or 10.9%

5th Place – Robby Starbuck,  38 votes or 9.9%

6th Place – Geni Batchelor, 30 votes or 7.85%

7th Place – General Kurt Winstead, 24 votes or 6.2%

8th Place – Tres Wittum, 12 votes or 3.1%

9th Place – Baxter Lee, 9 votes or 2.3%

10th Place – Stewart Parks, 7 votes or 1.8%

11th Place – Timothy Lee, 4 votes or 1%


Three hundred and eighty two votes were cast in total.

This is the first straw poll during the Republican primary for the TN-5 GOP nomination.

“Straw polls are non-binding and do not have any bearing on the ultimate election results,” says Brad Lytle, Chairman of the Wilson County Republican Party. “But they are a good test of a candidate’s strength among bona fide grassroots Republicans.”

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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