Bail Reform & Drag Queens (Op-Ed)

Image Credit: Hamilton County Community Bail Fund & The Indie Thinker – YouTube

By Reed Uberman (The Indie Thinker, special to The Tennessee Conservative) –

Last weekend Chattanooga Pride put on the first “family friendly” drag show in the history of our city. The show was particularly grotesque, beyond the egregious mockery of womanhood by obese men, but also because video footage revealed a small child rubbing on the private area of an adult without a single objection from the adult.

You can only surmise after watching the revolting video, posted originally by congressional candidate Robby Starbuck, that these shows produce the kind of setting where social mores go unchecked. The kind of “family friendly” environment present in this clip is what you might expect from an Only Fans page. What you might not know is that Chattanooga Pride’s foray into the shaping of culture goes far beyond indoctrinating young kids into left-wing sexual ideology. It also dabbles in criminal justice reform.

A brief glance on the website of shows an event page where you can see past events. Just last year in July Chattanooga Pride joined forces with the Edwin Hotel, in downtown Chattanooga, to host a fundraiser for the Hamilton County Community Bail Out Fund, seen HERE.

You may be asking, why would a LGBTQ advocacy group want to promote a bailout fund? A brief glance at some of the crimes covered in this fund may help answer that question.

With a bail limit of $10,000 the fund can potentially bail out people with offenses like public lewdness, voyeurism, harassment, unlawful transmission of sexually explicit material, and enticing a child. When you hear about criminal justice reform, you’re almost always presented with petty drug crimes and the unjust sentences given to people in marginalized communities but there’s a whole bunch of disturbing crimes, sexual in nature, that are oddly never mentioned by bail reformers.

Not all sexual crimes meet that limit but there’s enough that enable you to draw a legitimate conclusion: The Edwin joined forces with a group of sexual groomers to potentially release pedophiles and other accused criminals back onto the streets while they await trial. Not only is the implication of this kind of team-up disturbing, it’s also potentially dangerous.

Just last year, “A bail fund promoted by Vice President Kamala Harris helped lead to the release of an alleged Minneapolis domestic abuser — who has been charged with murder in a road-rage slaying.”

I am currently looking into the history of the Hamilton County Community Bail Fund and who exactly it has posted bail for in the past. For now, it’s important for you to know that there are organizations out there fiddling around with your justice system and with small innocent children in your community; both of these should deeply trouble you.

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