Chattanooga DA “Not Concerned” With Goings-On At Pride Festival As It Moves Indoors Away From Eyes Of The Public

Hamilton County District Attorney Coty Wamp Turned A Blind Eye As The Chattanooga Pride Parade Took Place On Sunday Morning, Finishing Out Their Pride Week Events.

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Drag Bingo In Chattanooga Bans Cameras But Not Kids (Update 10.10.22)

The Big Chill And Grill Hosted Yet Another “All Ages” Event Last Week, Drag Bingo, But With One Notable Difference – Two Drag Performers Announced That Recording Or Photographing Of The Show Was Prohibited And Anyone Caught Doing So Would Be Kicked Out Of The Event.

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Bail Reform & Drag Queens (Op-Ed)

Last Weekend Chattanooga Pride Put On The First “Family Friendly” Drag Show In The History Of Our City. The Show Was Particularly Grotesque, Beyond The Egregious Mockery Of Womanhood By Obese Men, But Also Because Video Footage Revealed A Small Child Rubbing On The Private Area Of An Adult Without A Single Objection From The Adult. You Can Only Surmise After Watching The Revolting Video, That These Shows Produce The Kind Of Setting Where Social Mores Go Unchecked.

What You Might Not Know Is That Chattanooga Pride’s Foray Into The Shaping Of Culture Goes Far Beyond Indoctrinating Young Kids Into Left-Wing Sexual Ideology. It Also Dabbles In Criminal Justice Reform.

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