Chattanooga Mayoral Candidates White And Kelly Primed For Runoff Elections

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Chattanooga, TN – With a difference of just 273 votes between Chattanooga Mayoral Candidates Tim Kelly and Kim White, the two candidates are preparing for the runoff election. 

Chattanooga, Tennessee At Night

When the results came in the night of the election, Kelly led with 8,562 votes representing 30 percent of the vote, while White trailed slightly behind with 8,289 votes representing 29 percent of the vote. 

To be elected, a Mayoral candidate must receive a majority (50% + 1) of the votes cast; if no candidate garners a majority, a run-off election is held between the two candidates that received the most votes on the second Tuesday of April. 

This year that day will be April 13th

On the night of the election at the Westin Chattanooga, Kim White said, “This has been a culmination of 173 days, but who’s counting?  We’ve worked hard.  We’ve left nothing on the table.” 

She thanked those that voted for her but said, “I need you to give me your vote again.  One more time on April 13th.  And to those that didn’t vote or voted for another candidate, come on over, we want cha!  So tomorrow, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and do this all over again.” 

White stated, “The past few months have been a wonderful blur. So many conversations, so many forums, so many opportunities to learn more about my neighbors across Chattanooga, and so many chances to share my story.  Our campaign kickoff seems like a decade ago.  I am humbled and inspired anew to give my absolute all for this city, for each of you.  Thank you, all. Let’s keep up our sprint to the finish.” 

Regarding the runoff election, Kelly stated, “We’re going to overtime. And I know from my long experience in the sports world that teams win in extra time only when they stay together, stay focused, and rise to the new challenge as one.” 

Kelly went on to say, “Over the next 42 days, we are going to be laser-focused on talking to as many Chattanoogans as possible about our vision and detailed action plan to lead on day one.” 

Kim White Policy Overview: 

“We need a city that lifts up all Chattanoogans regardless of zip code, a city focused on recruiting jobs, and bringing additional opportunities to everyone. We need a city that works FOR all people and invests in ALL neighborhoods” -Kim White 

White’s Stance On Some Conservative Issues Can Be Found Here.

Growing Business  

● Focus on small and medium sized businesses, the backbone of Chattanooga’s economy  

● Create the Office of Small Business Support – a team whose sole mission will be to get out in all of our neighborhoods to help new and legacy businesses succeed  

● Renewed, targeted focus on job recruitment, workforce development, and training  

● Work collectively with all municipal, private, and philanthropic partners to create more jobs in the region Improving Streets and Roads  

Improving Streets and Roads 

● Increase paving budget by $3 million to focus on paving streets in all neighborhoods  

● Better leverage TDOT and federal dollars for infrastructure needs  

● Partner with surrounding municipalities on road projects Strengthening Neighborhoods 

Strengthening Neighborhoods 

 ● Increase affordable housing options through strategic local partnerships, better leveraging federal resources, and a dedicated $2 million affordable housing fund which will create 700 units  

● Put surplus and back tax properties back on the tax roles and use to create affordable housing opportunities  

● Increase early childhood education opportunities and create a stronger partnership with Hamilton County schools  

● Re-establish the City’s Parks and Recreation Department who will maintain and develop world class park and green spaces and provide dynamic programming to ensure our parks are accessible to all 

 Supporting First Responders  

● Support collaboration and partnership with neighborhood leaders to jointly make our neighborhoods safer  

● Increase resources and support for our police and fire departments including competitive pay  

● Champion additional training when needed and promote diverse hiring practices Making Government Work Better  

● City government will be responsive, transparent, competent, and address the concerns of Chattanoogans from all walks of life  

● Streamline departments and processes with city employee involvement with a goal of greater efficiency, effectiveness, and getting things done  

● Engage with the County, State, nonprofits, the faith based community, and surrounding municipalities to increase collaboration and access to resources  

● Listen to our neighbors while being proactive in policymaking that solves our city’s problems  

● Hire and retain the best City employees who reflect the diversity of our city 

For the complete breakdown of White’s policies, visit

Tim Kelly’s Priorities: 

“Chattanooga succeeds when we work together in the spirit of transparency, and seize the opportunity to become the best city in the country. Vision 2021 will be a people-driven policy framework that builds from the grassroots up, ensuring that every voice is heard.” – Tim Kelly 

● Education 

● Affordable Housing 

● COVID-19 Response and Recovery 

● Community Development 

● Hispanic Community 

● Economic Development 

● Black Community 

● Paving, Potholes and Parking 

● Public Transportation 

● Criminal Justice 

● Homelessness 

● The Outdoors 

● Sustainability 

For the complete breakdown of Kelly’s priorities, visit

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  • March 5, 2021 at 2:48 am

    Kelly is a socialist. Who is voting for him? Is Chattanooga a liberal socialist city? Are you using Dominion voting machines? Conservatives have to take office at all levels of government.


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