I Challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout To An Open, Civil Policy Debate & Much More In The BIG 7!

đź’Ş I challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout
to an open, civil policy debate.

Will they accept?

Conservative Bill STOPS Social Media Censorship In TN

Illegal Immigration, Property Tax Relief, Voice Votes, Kevorkian Bill & MORE in the BIG 7!

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Tennessee School District Doubles Down To Align With The Progressive American Library Association

Despite Growing Calls From Parental Rights Groups And State Commissions To Disassociate With The Progressive American Library Association, The Clarksville Montgomery County School System Has Taken The Opposite Approach And Is Embracing The Radical Policies Of The ALA.

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How Money Affects Policy In Nashville [Interview with Senator Frank Niceley]

As Of Now, There Is No Limit To The Amount Of Funding State And Federal-Level Candidates In Tennessee Can Receive From Out-Of-State Sources To Run Their Campaigns For Office. Senator Frank Niceley Is Looking To Change That.

Niceley Believes That Interests Outside Of The State Should Not Have A Majority Hand In Sponsoring Campaigns For Political Candidates And That Out-Of-State Influence Is Not In The Best Interest Of Tennesseans And That On The Federal Level, It Weakens Our Position In D.C.

In This Interview, Niceley Speaks Of His Legislation And How PAC Money Can Influence Policy Decisions In Nashville, The Possibilities Of Good Illegal Immigration Bills Being Introduced In The General Assembly, And His Bill To Limit Foreign Ownership Of Tennessee Land.

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The Fallacy Of Fossil Fuels Vs. The New Green Deal [Op-Ed]

The Green New Deal Is Part Of A Socialistic Policy Based On A Long Running Fallacy: That We Have Limited Amounts Of Oil That Are Not Renewable.

Many Americans (Dems 92%, Repubs 64%) Back The Green Deal Plan (Which Would Include Universal Healthcare) Until They Know The Cost Of Beginning Estimates At $5.2 Trillion Over 20 Years. It Would Also Incur Increased Taxes To Pay For The 170% Increase In The Federal Budget For These 2 Programs.

Ultimately, The Green New Deal, Is Actually Just A “Starter Package For Turning Our Mostly Free-Market Economy Socialist.”

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New Biden Administration Rule Will Tie Federal Education Funding To LGBTQ+ Mandates

An Upcoming Biden Administration Rule Change Will Tie Billions Of Dollars In Federal Education Funding To An Array Of LGBT Policies, Forcing School Districts And Universities To Implement Controversial Rules On Issues Like Transgender Athletes In Order To Receive Federal Funding.

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“Republicans Must Unite To Effect Change” Interview With Paris Dennard, Republican National Committee

In this interview with Paris Dennard, National Spokesperson and Director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee, we discuss some of the inventive strategies Republican governors and legislators have initiated to block Biden’s policies and what voters can do to move our nation back to energy independence that we experienced under the Trump Administration. Dennard also offers some interesting insight into how the upcoming midterms might play out for Republicans. This is an interview that you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Dear Democrats: Don’t Expose Our Financial Data To China

This Set Of Policies Would Be A Disaster For Tennessee And For The American People. The Most Concerning Element Is The Potential National Security Risk That Would Come From Exposing Americans’ Financial Data To The Chinese Government. We Need Continued Leadership From Blackburn And Hagerty On The Issue To Protect Consumers And Their Financial Data.

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U.S. Senate Considers Suspending Federal Gas Tax, But Critics Are Wary

A New Push To Suspend The Federal Gas Tax Has Gained Momentum Amid Soaring Inflation, But Critics On Both Sides Of The Aisle Call It A Temporary Solution That Will Not Solve The Larger Problem.

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