Tennessee Legislature Will Consider Property Tax Increase Cap

A Tennessee Bill Would Cap Property Tax Increases In The State At 2% Plus Inflation Each Year And 6% Plus Inflation Over A Three-Year Span.

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I Challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout To An Open, Civil Policy Debate & Much More In The BIG 7!

đź’Ş I challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout
to an open, civil policy debate.

Will they accept?

Conservative Bill STOPS Social Media Censorship In TN

Illegal Immigration, Property Tax Relief, Voice Votes, Kevorkian Bill & MORE in the BIG 7!

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New Tennessee Legislation Seeks To Provide Property Tax Relief For Unemployable Veterans

With Many Veterans Across The Country Struggling To Find Affordable Housing And Dealing With Various Disabilities, Senator Rusty Crowe (R-Johnson City-District 3,) A Veteran Himself, Has Introduced A Bill Designed To Assist Disabled Veterans In Tennessee.

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Tennesseans Deserve More From Their Local Governments: A Call For Fiscal Responsibility

While Tennessee Boasts Low Per Capita Debt And A Commendable Commitment To Tax Cuts, Many Local Governments Across The State Are Failing To Manage Their Finances Responsibly. This Mismanagement Is Directly Contributing To Rising Property Taxes, Placing A Significant Burden On Homeowners And Hindering The State’s Economic Growth.

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Beyond Impact Fees: Unraveling the Fiscal Threads

In Tennessee’s Thriving Counties, Growth Is More Than A Statistic; It’s A Living, Breathing Force Reshaping Communities. But Behind These Impressive Growth Numbers Lies A Complex Narrative About Fiscal Responsibility, One That Demands Closer Examination.

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7 Big Tennessee News Stories That’ll Blow Your Hair Back! – TTC’s Big 7 Weekend Update!

Brandon Bringing You News You Can Use, That Is Not Meant To Confuse Conservative Republicans Into Thinking That Those Masquerading In Tennessee Media Actually Give A Rip About Your Republican Values!

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Amendment To The Tennessee Constitution Aims To Forever Ban A Statewide Property Tax

Since 1949, Tennessee Government Has Relied On Sales Tax As The Primary Source Of Funding. Prior To 1949, The State Also Relied On A Statewide Property Tax. The State Property Tax Went Away But The Empowering Legislation Did Not. A Proposed Amendment To The Tennessee Constitution Will Address This By Forever Banning A Statewide Property Tax In The Volunteer State.

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