AGs Push Back Against EPA ‘Environmental Justice’ Rule, Say It Will Increase Energy Costs

Twelve Attorneys General Have Submitted Comments To Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan Expressing Concerns About A New Proposed Rule They Argue Will Increase Energy Costs And Risk Americans’ Safety.

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Democrats’ Disastrous Decision to Spend – Exclusive Op-Ed By Congressman John Rose

Millions Of Tennesseans Are Suffering Significant, If Not Disastrous, Hardships From The Record-Breaking Inflation We Are All Experiencing. Inflation Is The Highest It’s Been Since 1981, And Despite President Biden’s Admonition To The Contrary, It’s Proving To Be Anything But Temporary.
Quite Simply, Congressional Democrats And President Biden Have Recklessly Spent Massive Amounts Of Money That We Obviously Couldn’t Afford, And In Doing So, Have Flooded The Economy With Trillions Of Borrowed Dollars, Which Lessened The Value Of Each Dollar And Thus Increased The Number Of Dollars It Takes To Buy Anything – Including Necessities Like Food, Clothes, And Gasoline.

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Texas Governor Says EPA’s Plan Will Cripple Oil Production And Raise Gas Prices Further

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Is Pushing Back Against An Environmental Protection Agency Proposal That He Says Would Cripple Oil And Gas Production In The Permian Basin – Potentially Jeopardizing A Quarter Of The U.S. Gas Supply.

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The Fallacy Of Fossil Fuels Vs. The New Green Deal [Op-Ed]

The Green New Deal Is Part Of A Socialistic Policy Based On A Long Running Fallacy: That We Have Limited Amounts Of Oil That Are Not Renewable.

Many Americans (Dems 92%, Repubs 64%) Back The Green Deal Plan (Which Would Include Universal Healthcare) Until They Know The Cost Of Beginning Estimates At $5.2 Trillion Over 20 Years. It Would Also Incur Increased Taxes To Pay For The 170% Increase In The Federal Budget For These 2 Programs.

Ultimately, The Green New Deal, Is Actually Just A “Starter Package For Turning Our Mostly Free-Market Economy Socialist.”

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