Tennessee’s “Transportation Modernization Act” Is Not New (Op-Ed)

Governor Lee Has Introduced A “Transportation Plan For Rural And Urban Tennessee”, And He Wants To Implement It Through HB0321, Known As The Transportation Modernization Act.

Gov. Lee Says He Wants To “Partner With The General Assembly.” So, Here Is His Plan, G.A., Get On Board.

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The Fallacy Of Fossil Fuels Vs. The New Green Deal [Op-Ed]

The Green New Deal Is Part Of A Socialistic Policy Based On A Long Running Fallacy: That We Have Limited Amounts Of Oil That Are Not Renewable.

Many Americans (Dems 92%, Repubs 64%) Back The Green Deal Plan (Which Would Include Universal Healthcare) Until They Know The Cost Of Beginning Estimates At $5.2 Trillion Over 20 Years. It Would Also Incur Increased Taxes To Pay For The 170% Increase In The Federal Budget For These 2 Programs.

Ultimately, The Green New Deal, Is Actually Just A “Starter Package For Turning Our Mostly Free-Market Economy Socialist.”

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Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Releases Final Review And Recommendations

The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Met A Final Time To Approve And Adopt A Draft Of Their Review And Recommendations. Sen. Dawn White (Chair) Released The Report Immediately To The Tennessee Conservative.

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Tennessee Senators Fear Little Can Be Done To Curb Illegal Immigration Within State

Following The Conclusion Of The Joint Study Committee On Refugees Issues Meetings, Two Members Relate They Have Little Hope It Is Within The Tennessee Legislature’s Power To Curb The Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Being Relocated To The Volunteer State.

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