28 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

***Update – We’ve added three more candidates to our Endorsement list!***

Tennessee Conservative’s List Of Endorsements For The 2022 Election Season. We May Add More Candidates To Our List Of Endorsements As Time Goes On.

We Are Endorsing Multiple Candidates That Are Running Against Republican Incumbents, Many Are RINO’s While Some Are Moderate Benchwarmers.

The Fact Is, We Never Truly Know How A New Individual Will Perform Once Elected To Office. But We Certainly Know How Those Who Have Held Office Have Performed And Their Track Records Demonstrate That It’s Time For A Change.

This List, In Our Opinion, Reflects The Candidates That We Believe Would Best Serve Conservative Principles Should They Be Elected Or Re-Elected To Office.

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Lawmakers Create Bureaucracy To Oversee Immigrant Child Care

The Ordeal At Chattanooga’s La Casa De Sidney With Unaccompanied Alien Minors Led To A Bill Being Passed This Year By Republican Sen. Dawn White Of Murfreesboro And Republican Rep. Dan Howell Of Cleveland Setting New Reporting Requirements For Child-Care Facilities.

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Senate Education Committee Passes Bill To Remove Obscene Materials From School Libraries

The Tennessee Senate Education Committee Passed A Bill That Aims To Prohibit Educational Institutions From Making Materials That Are Considered “Obscene” Or “Harmful To Minors” Available To Students.

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Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Releases Final Review And Recommendations

The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Met A Final Time To Approve And Adopt A Draft Of Their Review And Recommendations. Sen. Dawn White (Chair) Released The Report Immediately To The Tennessee Conservative.

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Illegal Immigration Study Committee Confirms Feds Running Resettlement Program With Zero Transparency

The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Had Their Fourth And Last Meeting Hearing Presentations From The Office Of The Governor, Department Of Children’s Services, Bethany Christian Services And Bridge Refugee Services.

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TN Illegal Immigration Legislation To Follow Final Study Committee Meeting

The Chairs Of The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Have Told Us That New Illegal Immigration Legislation Will Not Be Worked On Until Their Final Meeting Is Complete On November 15th.

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Right To Work Committee Announces Leadership In All TN Counties

The Yes On 1 Committee Has Announced Its Regional And Local Leadership Team, Naming A County Chairman In All 95 Tennessee Counties. Yes On 1 Will Advocate For Amendment 1 To Place Right-To-Work In The Tennessee Constitution, Which Will Appear On The Ballot On November 8, 2022. Right-To-Work Says That Tennesseans Cannot Be Forced To Join A Union And Pay Dues In Order To Get Or Keep Their Job.

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More TN Senators Sign On In Support Of Special Session

Spearheaded By Senator Janice Bowling, More TN Senators Are Adding Their Names To A Growing List Requesting A Special Session Of The General Assembly.

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Conservative TN Lawmakers, Patriots Petition McNally & Left-Leaning Republican Senators For Special Session

Yesterday, A Sizable Group Of Patriotic Tennesseans Gathered On The Steps Of The Capitol In Nashville In Support Of The Calling Of A Special Session Of The Tennessee General Assembly To Address Mandates, Executive Orders And The Dangerous Edicts Coming From The Federal Government.

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Growing Numbers Of Concerned TN Senators & GOP Leaders Call For Special Session As McNally Stonewalls

Spearheaded By Senator Janice Bowling, More TN Senators Are Adding Their Names To A Growing List Requesting A Special Session Of The General Assembly. However, In A Statement Made By The Office Of The Lieutenant Governor, It Is Indicated That McNally’s Stance Has Not Changed.

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