The Truth About Republican Leadership & Illegal Immigration In Tennessee

From Time To Time, It Is My Duty To Tell You The Truth About Something No One Else In Tennessee Media Will Tell You. You Will Have To Decide If I Am Being Honest With You Here Or If I’m Lying Through My Teeth. In Telling This Truth, I Run The Risk Of Being Alienated In Republican Circles. Further, The Topic Of Illegal Immigration Makes Most RINO Republicans Want To Curl Up In The Fetal Position In Anticipation Of The Woke TN Media Descending Upon Them – Or The Left-Leaning Corporatist PACs And Lobbyists Withholding Financial Support For Their Upcoming Campaigns. So, On This Topic In Particular, The Risk Of Speaking The Truth Is Even Greater.

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These Tennessee Bills Could Shape The Future Of Our State! – TennCon Big 7- 2022 Fifth Edition

1) 2 TN Illegal Immigration Bills Migrate to Subcommittee
2) Bill Prohibiting Unlawful Restrictions On Churches Slated For Committee
3) Study Committee Gives Zero Workable Recommendations To End Illegal Immigration In TN
4) Crawford Introduces TN Bill To Deny Voting Rights For Illegal Immigrants
5) Parent’s Bill Of Rights Act Introduced In Tennessee Legislature
6) Tennessee School Board Receiving Hundreds Of Threatening Calls A Day Over Maus “Ban”
7) Bill To Stop Social Media Censorship Of TN Elections & Citizens Gains Steam

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Study Committee Gives Zero Workable Recommendations To End Illegal Immigration In TN

Tennesseans Have Repeatedly Called For Action From Our Legislators To Stop Illegal Immigration Into The State, Yet The Recommendations In The Report Would Do Nothing To Actually Stop The Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Into The State Or Slow It Down, For That Matter.

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Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Releases Final Review And Recommendations

The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Met A Final Time To Approve And Adopt A Draft Of Their Review And Recommendations. Sen. Dawn White (Chair) Released The Report Immediately To The Tennessee Conservative.

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Now Is The Time To Contact Legislators About Illegal Immigration In Tennessee [Interview With Rep. Bruce Griffey]

The Tennessee Conservative recently conducted a poll that asked “Should illegal aliens be eligible for free public education at Tennessee taxpayers’ expense?” 98% of respondents said “No.”

In this exclusive interview with Tennessee Representative Bruce Griffey, we discuss the recent legislation he introduced to halt this practice along with any legislative plans the Joint Study Committee on Refugee Issues has in store to address illegal immigration in Tennessee.

With 2022 being an election year, Griffey has this message for all concerned Tennesseans – Now is the time to contact legislators about illegal immigration in Tennessee.

Watch now for all this and more!

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Tennessee Senators Fear Little Can Be Done To Curb Illegal Immigration Within State

Following The Conclusion Of The Joint Study Committee On Refugees Issues Meetings, Two Members Relate They Have Little Hope It Is Within The Tennessee Legislature’s Power To Curb The Influx Of Illegal Immigrants Being Relocated To The Volunteer State.

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This Week’s Top Stories For Conservatives In Tennessee – 11.19.21


1) Maury County Mayor Issues State of Emergency, Vows To Protect Freedoms
2) Illegal Immigration Study Committee Confirms Feds Running Resettlement Program With Zero Transparency
3) Lee Signs Sweeping Medical Freedom Bill Into Law
4) New Legislation To Be Filed To Protect TN Election Integrity
5) Williamson County School Board Mutes Parents Reading From Graphic School Library Books
6) Not All Republicans In TN General Assembly On Board With Partisan School Board Elections
7) OSHA Halts Implementation Of Workplace Federal Mandate After Court Order

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TN Illegal Immigration Study Committee: Who’s On First?

How Does The Tennessee Illegal Immigration Study Committee Intend To Hit The Ball When It’s Not Clear What Or Which (Or Who) They Are To Aim At?

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Conservative Tennesseans Want State Action On Illegal Immigration

Over The Weekend, The Tennessee Conservative Conducted A Poll Regarding Illegal Immigration Issues In Tennessee With The Intent Of Helping Republican Members Of The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Make Decisions On Legislation And Policy To Keep Tennessee’s Borders More Secure.

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Illegal Immigration Study Committee Confirms Feds Running Resettlement Program With Zero Transparency

The Joint Study Committee On Refugee Issues Had Their Fourth And Last Meeting Hearing Presentations From The Office Of The Governor, Department Of Children’s Services, Bethany Christian Services And Bridge Refugee Services.

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