Chattanooga Resident Banned From Mellow Mushroom

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Published June 3, 2021

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On May 29th, a Chattanooga resident learned he was banned from being served at Mellow Mushroom due to the belief that he had contributed to a Covid-19 exposure in the restaurant. However, Elliot Pierce from Georgiapol believes the ban stemmed from a political conversation that the resident and his friends partook in last year.

Chattanooga, Tennessee At Night

“This isn’t the article I wanted to write,” Pierce said on the Georgiapol website.

Pierce talks about his friend Roger, and the annual GOP Lincoln Day Dinner that took place last summer. Pierce was invited to the event by Roger, and the following Monday was invited to drinks at the Mellow Mushroom in downtown Chattanooga.

“That night when I arrived, everyone was discussing the Lincoln Day Dinner and talking about politics in general. We sat at the bar and anyone within earshot knew our political affiliations,” Pierce said.

Roger returned the next day to meet another friend. The day after, there was an announcement that one of the guests at the Lincoln Day Dinner had been diagnosed with Covid. After a visit to his doctor, Roger tested positive as well and immediately began to quarantine.

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Hamilton County also did contact tracing in order to alert those that Roger may have been in contact with. In addition, the Health Department released a statement to let the public know about the Covid exposure at Mellow Mushroom.

At the time, WRCBTV did a report with Brandy Burgans who runs both Mellow Mushroom locations in Chattanooga.

Burgans said, “We do know that it wasn’t an employee because they get tested fairly regularly, we check their temperatures every shift, and we keep a log of all that.”

She also said, “I’ve told the staff you just have to assume that everybody who comes in has it and may not even know it because of so many asymptomatic cases.”

According to Pierce, Roger found out not long after that he had been banned from Mellow Mushroom without explanation “other than that of a friend who spoke to a staff member and that it was for spreading covid-19.”

“Fast forward to this past weekend,” Pierce said. “Roger was asked to join friends and others at Mellow Mushroom on May 29th. Having never been formally given an explanation for being banned, he was told that he was allowed into the establishment but that he would not be served.”

When Roger left a review on Google, the owners left a response that said the ban was due to “coming as a bar patron while you knowingly had Covid-19.”

However, Pierce’s article says that Roger had no way to know he had Covid when he visited.

Pierce said, “a more likely reason for the ban is that his personal political beliefs were not in line with the woke ownership.”

He cited several tweets from the owner’s Twitter account as evidence.

One such tweet said, “I see a bunch of white dudes who realize they’re soon to be the minority, and there’s not a damn thing they can do about it.”

Pierce went on to say, “Chattanooga is a tourism city, and Mellow Mushroom surely depends on customers—conservative and liberal—from Georgia and elsewhere.”

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