Conservative Teachers “Must Stand” As Changes To Title IX Threaten Education

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The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

Conservative teachers across America are calling for support from conservative allies as the deadline for proposed Title IX changes draws nearer.

Title IX is the landmark law, passed 50 years ago, that banned sex discrimination in all federally funded K-12 schools and college education programs and sports. The Biden administration is working to undermine those protections in favor of promoting radical gender identity ideology as mandated policy in schools.

The administration announced earlier this year that they intended to rewrite the scope of Title IX to include “gender identity” and “sexual orientation” without the approval of congress. If these proposed changes become law, school officials will be empowered to facilitate a child’s gender transition at school without parental consent.

Out of the few children who legitimately suffer from gender dysphoria, many go on to pursue chemical and surgical changes that end in sterility, infertility, and lifelong sexual dysfunction.

Last year, Governor Bill Lee signed legislation that prohibits Tennessee physicians from prescribing hormones or puberty blockers to minors as part of gender-confirming treatment. While no doctors in the state currently provide these drugs to children, the law stands ready to protect Tennesseans in the wake of federal changes.

Conservative teachers report that they are already being trained to comply with the proposed Title IX changes even though the law has not yet been updated. 

In the words of one educator:

So yesterday I posted about it being the worst day as an educator. Well, I had the pleasure of some fine professional development titled “Making Schools Safe and Inclusive for Transgender Students.”

Here are some quotes:

“As language and society evolve, so do identity labels.”

“We should only use specific identity labels that transgenders choose for themselves.”

“However, what matters is how people identify themselves.” I believe that one is my favorite.

The professional development defines transgender as “people whose gender identity or expression does not conform to sex assigned to them or hospital assigned to a birth certificate.” 

So in short you can be and identify to whatever you wish irrespective of reality AND force you, the teacher, to accept and comply. Even though there is no data or science to support their position that any of this is true, we are at the mercy of the student. 

Data shown was only to make their argument about harassment of transgender students but even then, Vector Solutions has to admit that the majority of transgender students are successful in school as well as college. 

We teachers are at the mercy of how a student “feels” and not the reality of the situation. That is not teaching nor is it education. This will be the end for us. Yet, this is only .5-1.5% of the total national population. So are we actually encouraging this nonsense by pushing these things in education? If this wins then education is done. 

It is winning. If you believe that you are safe in a red state you are not. Title IX confirms and makes it policy. We must stand. I am calling for allies to join us to make a stand. I will not violate conscience nor faith for something that is not real and is immoral. I will not.

A photo shared with The Tennessee Conservative this week from the parent of a first grader attending Metro Nashville Public Schools proves that some schools in Tennessee are already teaching gender identity and sexual orientation as part of their Sex Education curriculum.

MNPS also has a policy that states that it is a violation of personal rights when “intimidation, harassment/hazing, physical force or threat of physical force… is motivated by gender (including gender identity)… or sexual orientation.”

Sources have already confirmed to us that at least one student in a Tennessee school last year received school discipline for “misgendering” another student.

The Title IX Proposed Changes deadline to submit a comment is September 12th. Comments can be submitted here.

About the Author: Paula Gomes is a Tennessee resident and reporter for The Tennessee Conservative. You can reach Paula at

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