Hamilton County Commission At Impasse On Vote For Bankston’s Replacement

Photo: June 2, 2021 – Hamilton County Commission Regular Meeting

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Published June 3, 2021

The Tennessee Conservative Staff –

Hamilton County, TN – After receiving the resignation of District 9 Commissioner Chester Bankston effective May 31, 2021, the Hamilton County Commission made the decision to fill the vacancy at the June 2nd regular meeting. 

With the Commission unable to reach the required five votes for any of the three nominated candidates yesterday, they will vote again next week during their Recessed Meeting adding any additional nominations chosen from the eight individuals who applied for the position. 

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The individual appointed by the Commission is tasked to serve out the remainder of Bankston’s term which ends September 1st, 2022. 

Interested individuals were invited by the Commission to submit a letter expressing their interest, along with their resume to the Commission office by Monday, May 10th

As of June 2nd, the Commission received eight individuals all of whom are residents of District 9. 

Chairman Chip Baker informed the audience that pursuant to Tennessee code, individuals may present names to the Commission to be considered for the position by approaching the podium. However, no audience members came forward with any persons to be considered. 

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Baker clarified that only the individuals who are nominated by members of the Commission will be considered for appointment. 

Baker stated that according to Tennessee code, if more than one individual is nominated, the individual receiving the lowest number of votes will be eliminated from any subsequent ballots.  

“In other words, low-man out,” Baker said. 

If no candidate receives the required number of five votes on the first ballot, it will lead to a second ballot, and so on. 

Baker opened the floor for nominations for the position from the Commissioners. 

District 3 Commissioner Greg Martin stated that seven out of the eight individuals who expressed interest in the position, seven came to see him personally to explain why they want the position. 

“I’m going to place a nomination at this time for Jeff Eversole,” Martin said. 

District 5 Commissioner Katherlyn Geter said, “I had the opportunity to interview all of them…I want to make a nomination for Shannon Stephenson.” 

District 7 Commissioner Sabrina Smedley said, “I had the opportunity to speak to all eight, I actually got to meet with seven in person…All eight were quite impressive…  I would like to nominate Dean Moorhouse.” 

The remaining Commissioners, Randy Fairbanks, Chip Baker, Warren Mackey, David Sharpe and Tim Boyd did not make any nominations. 

First round of voting, Commissioners Boyd, Fairbanks and Smedley voted for Dean Moorhouse. 

Commissioners Geter, Mackey and Sharpe voted for Shannon Stephenson. 

Commissioners Martin and Baker voted for Jeff Eversole. 

With Eversole having the least number of votes, his name was eliminated for the next round of voting. 

Second round of voting, Commissioners Boyd, Fairbanks, Smedley and Baker voted for Dean Moorhouse. 

Commissioners Geter, Mackey and Sharpe voted for Shannon Stephenson. 

Commissioner Martin passed on the vote.  The opportunity to vote came again due to the previous pass, yet, he chose to pass again. 

Commissioner Baker stated, “Since we don’t have a majority… I suggest we reopen the floor for the nomination of additional candidates from others as originally considered. So, at this point, we’re going to move past this process since we’re at an impasse and move this to our next regularly scheduled meeting.” 

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