How Tennessee Has Assigned Its $3.7B In Federal Pandemic Recovery Funds

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The Center Square [By Jon Styf] –

Tennessee has now assigned all $3.7 billion in federal American Rescue Plan funds across the state, with the largest portion going to the state’s most populous county, Davidson.

The state’s new ARPA spending dashboard shows Davidson County received 43 awards worth $165.7 million, followed by 60 awards for $145.3 million in Shelby County and 25 awards for $80.7 million in Knox County.


The Tennessee Financial Stimulus Accountability Group approved the spending after starting the group in 2020 to approve CARES Act spending.

“Tennessee’s legacy of fiscal responsibility has ensured that our state’s economy can thrive, even amid significant challenges,” Gov. Bill Lee said. “I thank the General Assembly and all members of the Financial Stimulus Accountability Group for their efforts over the past three years to manage federal dollars wisely, prioritize transparency for Tennessee taxpayers and make strategic investments to strengthen businesses and families across the state.”

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The largest items that ARPA was assigned to were $1.3 billion for water and sewer infrastructure projects, $500 million for broadband infrastructure, $500 million for local public health and medical system support, $150 million for agriculture and forestry supply chain support and $102 million for K-12 summer learning camps to combat learning loss.

“We worked hard to prioritize transparency and accountability with every investment, while strengthening Tennessee’s economy and expanding citizens’ access to quality health care,” said Senate Finance Chair Bo Watson, R-Hixson. “I’m particularly proud of our investment in the state’s unemployment trust fund, which ensured Tennessee small business were not burdened by unemployment rate increases, unlike in many other states.”


Hamilton County received $62.5 million over 37 projects and Marshall County received $59.2 million over 10 projects with most of that going to broadband infrastructure ($53.4 million). Water and sewer infrastructure grants are worth $33.7 million in Hamilton County while Davidson County will receive $109.1 million for sewer and water infrastructure along with $25 million in support for Tennessee arts organizations.

Shelby County will receive $112.1 million in water and sewer infrastructure grants and $23.3 million in support for arts organizations while Knox County gets $50 million for a University of Tennessee Agriculture Research and Education building.

About the Author: Jon Styf, The Center Square Staff Reporter – Jon Styf is an award-winning editor and reporter who has worked in Illinois, Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and Michigan in local newsrooms over the past 20 years, working for Shaw Media, Hearst and several other companies. Follow Jon on Twitter @JonStyf.

2 thoughts on “How Tennessee Has Assigned Its $3.7B In Federal Pandemic Recovery Funds

  • August 2, 2023 at 1:25 am

    Why didn’t they just reduce taxes?

  • August 4, 2023 at 12:32 am

    Oh good grief. Do these folks not understand that this is not “FREE” money from the federal government? The money never should have been offered, or disbursed to begin with. We had a chance to stand up to the folks in dc, and say, no thanks, we got this. We can do this on our own just fine. The gluttons in Nashville of course don’t have the spine to tell dc that, otherwise they won’t have bragging rights… their constituents will be so pleased that their representative secured this money for them. I wonder how mush will get wasted.

    The University bellying up to the feeding trough doesn’t surprise me in the least. They are always crying poor mouth to the alumni and its donors. The amount of money they waste I can only imagine. When I was a student there they relandscaped every chance they got. Ripping out healthy trees & plants, and then replacing them with the same or similar things. One of the greenways they planted dog woods. 6′ trees. Price tags still hanging on them from the nursey. Even if they got a discount, I can’t believe it was for more than 25 to 30% of the tag price. Tag price: $140.00/tree. They planted like two dozen of them… So, they got awarded 50M for a new ag building. I wonder where they are going to put it. The ag campus was pretty full the last time I was over there… They way they spend money, I won’t be surprised if its not much when all is said and done.


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