No Reprieve From Masks For Nashville Schools

Photo Credit: Metro Nashville Public Schools / Twitter

The Tennessee Conservative [By Paula Gomes] –

(MNPS) are prepared to welcome students back on Friday, although expected severe weather conditions make that questionable.

One thing is certain; all students and staff will be expected to continue to wear masks during school hours as MNPS has chosen to abide by a federal judge’s order that blocks Tennessee law prohibiting schools from issuing mask mandates.

MNPS will be distributing KN95 masks to schools for staff to use as needed while parents are given online resources on how to find “effective masks” for their children.

MNPS is also offering testing at McGavock High School and expects to have almost 50,000 more tests arriving in the next coming weeks. Testing is available to both staff and students.


The district is following the updated CDC’s recommendations as far as quarantine and isolation goes. Those who test positive should isolate for 5 days, instead of the previous 10. Students who are close contacts do not have to quarantine but MNPS is suggesting they get tested 5 days after exposure.

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While some parents would prefer that MNPS go remote, the district has said that due to Tennessee law, remote learning at this time is not an option and closing schools means extending the school year into the summer.


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