Special Report! An In-Depth Analysis of 2020 Voter Fraud, Myths & Mysteries

By Eric Buchanan –

Election fraud has become accepted in America; “there is always some” has become a commonplace excuse.

We say it does not affect the election. We even downplay it and call it “election shenanigans,” as if voter fraud is just fun and games.

We should not treat that as normal. Every stolen vote disenfranchises a citizen’s legal vote. Enough of it does affect the election. And, those committing the fraud would not be doing it if they didn’t hope it would affect the election. That is the point of election fraud.

In 2020, many contend the election fraud was more than usual, and that it may have affected the outcome. Others, who get their news from certain sources, are unaware how different 2020 has been, and don’t understand why this year was different. Unfortunately, our news sources have become so divergent, the split in America includes two totally different narratives about the presidential election of 2020. The explanations below collect news stories and information from a variety of sources, not my own personal observations. I would love to hear from anyone who has information to refute any of these points.

I hope the 2020 election was not stolen. I hope we still live in a country where the legal votes counted and the illegal votes did not, and that any errors or fraud to the contrary were not enough to change the outcome. And I hope most Americans still care and are more opposed to election fraud than are concerned their side wins. My fear is that is no longer true; that some Americans will look the other way and approve of voter fraud if it means their guy wins, or that the guy they didn’t like loses.

Americans deserve, and should fight for, free, fair, and honest elections. No matter which “side” we are on, we want to trust the vote. Is that true of the 2020 election?

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