Twice Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Two Separate Murders In The Same Week In Nashville

A Man Who Was Discovered To Be A Twice Deported Honduran National Has Been Charged With Two Separate Murders In Nashville In This Past Week.

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For Some, Open Border Chaos Is The Goal (Op-Ed)

Beware, The Crisis At The Southern Border May Be Much Worse Than It Appears.

The Ways In Which American Families And Businesses Are Being Harmed By The Open Border Policies Could Fill Volumes. But It’s Clear That State Budgets, Neighborhood Safety, And Our Children’s Futures Are All Being Endangered While The Drug Cartels And Our Most Powerful Foreign Adversaries Become Enriched And Empowered.

Instead Of Using These Tragedies To Advance The Special Interest Agendas Of Michael Bloomberg And George Soros, Perhaps We Could All Agree That The American Chapter On Human Trafficking, Opioids, And Open Borders Should Be Relegated To The History Books.

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Mayor Tim Kelly’s Soft-on-Crime Approach Results In Continued High Crime Rates For Chattanooga

Like Many Left-Leaning Elected Officials Kelly Has Been Quick To Call Out Gun-Related Crimes, Especially In Light Of The Covenant School Shooting Which Prompted A Special Legislative Session Back In August. However, When It Comes To Petty Crimes Like Loitering, Littering, Public Intoxication, Trespassing, And…

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Can We Finally Agree That Sanctuary Cities Are A Failed Experiment? (Op-Ed)

For Several Decades, A Collection Of Progressive States, Counties And Cities Have Conducted An Experiment Called Sanctuary Policies. Based On A Preponderance Of Evidence, Especially In The Last Few Years, It Is Time To Declare America’s Experiment With Sanctuary Policies To Be A Complete Failure And Seek A Better Way.

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West TN Lawmaker Sponsors Bill To Transfer Teen Gun Thefts To Adult Court

State Rep. Rusty Grills, A West Tennessee Republican, Is Sponsoring Bills That Would Shift Juveniles 16 And Up To Adult Court In Gun Theft And Burglary Cases.

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REAL Conservatives Urge Gov. Lee To Stop Acting Like A Dem, 60% Of Tennessee 3rd-Graders Can’t Read Reinstating Parent’s Rights, Crime On The Rise On TN Campuses, Divisive Educational Concepts & Much More! The TennCon Big 7!

1) 60% Of Tennessee Third-Graders Fail To Meet Proficiency On TCAP Test
1A) Tennessee Releases School District Specific Data On Third-Grade Proficiency
2) Conservative Lawmakers Urge Governor Lee To Abandon Plans For Special Session To Enact Unconstitutional ‘Red Flag’ Laws
2A) More Tennessee County GOP’s, County Commissions Issue Resolutions Against Red Flag Laws
3) Tennessee Governor Signs Parental Rights Bill Counteracting Mature Minor Doctrine
4) Crime Is Up On Tennessee College Campuses From 2021-2022, But Still Down Significantly From 2019
5) Gov. Lee Allocated $140M To Put An Armed Guard In Every School, But There Aren’t Enough Officers To Go Around
6) Lee Signs Bill Prohibiting Forced Implicit Bias Training For Tennessee Teachers
6A) Governor Lee Protects Teachers’ Rights To Refuse To Use Preferred Pronouns Of Students
7) New Tennessee Law Bans Colleges From Requiring Agreement With ‘Divisive’ Academic Concepts

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