TN Woman Sues Employer To Opt Out Of Union Dues For Religious Reasons

A Tennessee Woman Has Filed A Federal Lawsuit, Claiming She Should Not Have To Pay Union Dues And Calling Doing So Religious Discrimination.

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Lee Chairs Right To Work Amendment While Tiptoeing On Ford Question

Gov. Bill Lee Will Chair A Yes On 1 Campaign To Put The State’s Right To Work Law In The Tennessee Constitution, But When It Comes To Ford Motor Co., The Governor Won’t Say Whether He’ll Actively Campaign Against Unionization At The West Tennessee Plant Scheduled To Open In 2025.

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We Need Legislators To END Employer Mandates In This Special Session

We have heard the argument over and over again from GOP leadership here in Tennessee, “we don’t regulate businesses here in Tennessee.” And that argument is used to try and convince the public that private employers have a liberty right to force and/or coerce their employees into making decisions as a condition of employment.

Yet, EVERY member of that same GOP leadership supports the Right to Work Amendment to our Constitution which will come up for a vote in the general election in 2022. So, the legislature is willing to restrict a private business from requiring their employees to be part of a labor union, but unwilling to restrict a business from forcing medical decisions on their employees? It sounds to me that “restricting business” really has nothing to do with it.

It is time that we put the politics aside here in Tennessee and get this done in the upcoming Special Session!

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Right To Work Committee Announces Leadership In All TN Counties

The Yes On 1 Committee Has Announced Its Regional And Local Leadership Team, Naming A County Chairman In All 95 Tennessee Counties. Yes On 1 Will Advocate For Amendment 1 To Place Right-To-Work In The Tennessee Constitution, Which Will Appear On The Ballot On November 8, 2022. Right-To-Work Says That Tennesseans Cannot Be Forced To Join A Union And Pay Dues In Order To Get Or Keep Their Job.

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Haslam Named Treasurer Of TN Right-To-Work Amendment Committee

Former Governor Bill Haslam Will Serve As Treasurer On The Newly Formed “Yes On 1” Committee That Was Launched To Put Right-To-Work Into The Tennessee Constitution.

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Nashville Tax Fight & Legislative Update With Grant Henry – Interview

Grant Henry with Americans for Prosperity talks about next steps in the Nashville tax fight AND gives legislative updates on a number of key health care, right-to-work and criminal justice laws enacted in the recent legislative session.

Grant also closes with a hopeful message for Conservatives in TN that you will not want to miss.

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Why The Left Fears Right To Work

The Left And The Unions Have Come Out With A Vicious, Libelous Attack Against Right To Work Laws To Pass The PRO Labor Act. They Ignore The Majority Of States That Have RTW Laws Because Unions Are Bad For Their Economies. The Left Fears RTW Laws Because Unions Give Them Millions Every Year. Beware Who You Vote For In The Midterms. It Might Cost You Your Job, If You Still Have One.

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Right-To-Work Constitutional Amendment Goes To Tennessee Voters

The Tennessee House Voted Thursday To Add A Right-To-Work Amendment To The State Constitution, Giving Voters The Chance To Decide Its Fate.

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