Midterm Madness, Corporate Freeze-out, Protecting Kids From Mutilation, Abortion Increases, Surprises In TN & Much More – The TennCon Big 7!

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The Stories –

• Bonus story: Control Of Congress At Stake: Red Wave Hits Florida, Stops There – https://bit.ly/3A3R7gQ

• Lee Reelected, Ogles Wins District 5, Plus Statewide Election Results – https://bit.ly/3Egg5vU

• Four Tennessee Constitutional Amendments, Including Right-To-Work, Win By Large Margins – https://bit.ly/3fSOLKS

• 438 Voters Assigned Wrong Ballots In Davidson County Allowed To Cast Provisional Ballots – https://bit.ly/3FZxZUY

• Amazon Bails On Promised Job Creation In Nashville With Hiring Freeze Announcement – https://bit.ly/3Tq0Apk

• Tennessee Bill To Limit “Gender Mutilation” Introduced By Republican Lawmakers – https://bit.ly/3Upq7jZ

• Tennessee Abortion Numbers Drop As Neighboring States See Increase – https://bit.ly/3Uqge5v

• Tennesseans Can’t Rely On “No Surprises” In Medical Billing Due To Loopholes & Legislature Inaction – https://bit.ly/3WLHkWm

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One thought on “Midterm Madness, Corporate Freeze-out, Protecting Kids From Mutilation, Abortion Increases, Surprises In TN & Much More – The TennCon Big 7!

  • November 10, 2022 at 9:51 pm

    Thank you, Brandon, for all your hard work trying to inform all us low information voters here in Tennessee. I took your advice on the governor and the amendments. Needless to say, this mid-term election nationally was a very big disappointment for conservatives but do you not take into consideration the very real, blatant manipulation of the voting machines as PROVEN by Mike Lindell’s investigation and discovery? Since no news outlet or court will even look at his evidence, and since “our side” continues to ignore it…..we’ll, we will never win. Have you seen what he found in real time?


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