Court Threatens First Amendment Rights Of Tennessee Star (Op-Ed)

The First Amendment Implications Of This Episode Are Obvious And Grave: A Local Publisher Is Threatened With Potential Criminal Charges For Merely Reporting On Legally Obtained Documents. Leahy’s Treatment Also Raises Concern Over The Increasing Hostility That Judiciaries Express Toward The Journalistic Practice Of Maintaining Source-Confidentiality. This Represents A Remarkable Departure In Recent Years From The Formerly Iron-Clad Protections Afforded To Journalists Working With Confidential Documents. Whether On The State Or Federal Level, These Efforts To Curtail A Free Press In Court Must Be Repudiated. One Would Hope That The National Press Would Unify Against This Gathering Threat To Its Collective Freedom.

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Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes, Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted! Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked! & More…

🗳️Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes On Sanctuary Cities…

⚧️Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted!

✡️Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked!

🏗️ Unwelcome Industrialization of Tennessee Farmland 🚜

💰 Cost Of Living Crisis In Tennessee Continues 💰

⚡️ Dimming Electric Vehicle Market 🔌

& More on The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Vanderbilt Multicultural Council Rejects Pro-Israel Student Group

The Vanderbilt Multicultural Leadership Council Denied A Pro-Israel Student Group A Spot In Its Organization While Others Like The Vanderbilt Iranian Student Association, And Vanderbilt Pride Serve Were Accepted.

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Vanderbilt Launched $17 Million Faculty DEI Initiative In July

Vanderbilt University And Vanderbilt University Medical Center Will Spend $17 Million Over The Coming Years To Advance “Diversity” Within The Faculty.

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Vanderbilt Poll Claims Majority Of Tennesseans Approve Of Lee’s Executive Order, Red Flag Law Proposal

The Reported Results From A New Poll Run By Vanderbilt Show That Gun Regulations Were The Third-Most Important Issue To Tennessee Voters And That Those Voters Approve Of Gov. Bill Lee’s Move To Sign A Bill Strengthening Background Checks For Gun Buys.

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DCS Child Abuse, Campaign Lies, Taxpayer Abuse, Stagnant Scores, Two More Years Of Winter & More! – The TennCon Big 7!

• Tennessee DCS Given One More Year To Get Their Act Together After Audit Finds Children In State Custody Sexually Abused Or Harassed
• Tennessee Right To Life Revokes Endorsement Of Senator Richard Briggs
• Vanderbilt Survey Says TN Republican Voters Prefer DeSantis Over Trump And Support Weakening Of Abortion Law
• Tennessee GOP Chairman Reelected Despite Call For More Conservative Leadership
• Pork Report Says $1 Million Plus A Year Of Tax Dollars Spent To Fund Lobbying Efforts
• TDOE Report Shows State ACT Scores Remain Stagnant
• Tennessee Tech Professors First Amendment Case Against University Dismissed

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Emails Show Tensions Between DCS And Vanderbilt Hospital Over Child Placements

Emails Obtained Through A Public Records Request Show That Tensions Have Arisen Between The Tennessee Department Of Children’s Services And Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital At Vanderbilt.

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Incentives To Keep Kids In State Custody, Combating Big Tech Censorship, Protecting Kids From Mutilation, Keeping Taxpayers In The Dark & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

1 – Tennessee Incentivized To Keep Children In State Custody In Order To Keep Federal Funds
2. Rep. Powers To Re-Introduce Bill To Combat Big Tech Censorship Of Tennessee Citizens
3. Senator Bowling Reintroduces ‘Youth Health Protection Act’ To End Child Mutilation In Tennessee
4. Knoxville Mayor And Team Intentionally Kept Taxpayers In The Dark About Next Police Chief
5. Nashville District Attorney Funk Rejects State Funding For DUI Prosecutions
6. TN School Voucher Program Wins Court Approval To Proceed
7. Textbook Commission Members Oppose Conservative’s Push To Define What Is Age-Appropriate

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Mo’ Money From Your Pocket 4 Corporations & Failed Public Education, “Divisive Concepts” Appeals Bias, Fascist Vanderbilt, Legislator Votes For Abortion Law He Didn’t Read & Much More – The TennCon Big 7!

1 – Tennessee Economic Development Agency Wants $202.5M In Additional Funds Mainly For Incentives
2 – Nashville Mayor’s Office Announces Tax Deal for $75M Fairgrounds Speedway Renovation
Bonus: Tax Fund Wouldn’t Pay For $116.3M In Tennessee Race Track’s Bonds
3 – Amazon Continues To Flake On Promised Returns For Taxpayer Money
4 -Tennessee’s Department Of Education Looking For $350M Budget Increase
5 – Attorney For Parents’ Choice Argues That Tennessee “Divisive Concepts” Appeals Process Is Biased
6 – Vanderbilt Ranks In Top Ten Of Most Fascist Universities In America
7 – Senator Richard Briggs Waffles On Commitment To Tennessee’s Anti-Abortion Law

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