The Band-Aids Aren’t Working Anymore…

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By Brandon Lewis [Publisher & Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative] –

In October of 2020, when I officially launched the Tennessee Conservative News website, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing…

All I knew is that the churches, small businesses and schools were shuttered.

That our state government was trampling on our Constitutional rights – and something should be done about it.

So, in haste, we threw up our current website so we could report the REAL news about what was going on… instead of the corporate and state government propaganda.

Our reporting, combined with a grassroots uprising, led to TWO extraordinary sessions of the General Assembly, where lawmakers grudgingly rolled back the awful, unforgivable policies they’d forced Tennesseans to live under.

So, our little website did its work well at the time.

However, now our website format can no longer handle the visitor traffic that it sees on a daily basis. As you may have noticed a couple of weeks ago, it was broken for 2-3 days.

We have spent more money patching and repairing plug-ins and updates than we would have probably spent replacing it.

Why? No money…

As I have mentioned, we take in just enough in donations to keep the publication afloat every month… but there isn’t surplus enough to re-launch the website in a format Conservatives in Tennessee deserve.

So, I’m asking you to please make a donation today for the express purpose of helping us fund a bigger, better and more engaging website so we can get the truth out to all Conservatives in Tennessee!

This will not be cheap or easy. Replacing a flagship website never is. However, it will be impossible without your help.

Please donate today so we may begin the process of rebuilding the Tennessee Conservative News website over the summer months when the news cycle is a tad slower.

Thanks for being with me on the “thin RED line” in Tennessee!

I appreciate you all!

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