The Tennessee Conservative News Break March 9, 2021

Published March 9, 2021

Today’s Top Headlines….

– Pepe Le Pew & Speedy Gonzalez Latest Victims of Never-Ending Cancel Culture

– 7 Republican County Mayors Still Forcing Face Coverings

– Truth in Sentencing Reform Advances

– The SAFE Act Advances Through the House

– House Bill 434 Creates Lifetime Orders of Protection for Victims of Violent Crimes

– House Bill 150 Cracks Down on Underage Drinking

– Tennessee Department of Education Selects Districts for Literacy Networks

– Right-to-work Constitutional Amendment Passes Tennessee Senate a Second Time

– Democratic Relief Bill Includes $1,400 Checks to Non-citizens & Incarcerated Felons

– Spanish Auto Manufacturer To Locate New Operations In Chattanooga

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