Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? (Op-Ed)

By Kat Stansell, Grassroots Coordinator at American Policy Center –

The November midterm election of 2022, is almost upon us.  Despite all the many revelations of election fraud from 2020,  very little has been done. Experts have analyzed the role of the  machines. They have looked at overseas connections to our  voting systems, and followed ownership trails of these systems.  We know that a major amount of fraud has taken place, but little has actually been done to stop it. Because this election will be our last chance to save our free Republic, this is disheartening to many.  

Many think that they might as well not vote; that their vote  does not count. They could not be more wrong!

Not only MUST you vote in November, but also you  MUST vote in person, on election day, and never use mail in ballots. 

Become a VIP voter! Vote In Person on election day,  not before, and never use mail-in ballots. This is how we counteract their systems. Think this is simple and silly?? Nope.  It’s the most important step you can take against fraud in any state!

Here’s why.

Let me introduce you to the portion of the voter fraud mechanism that has been mostly ignored – ERIC, the Electronic  Registration Information Center. Very few have really looked at  ERIC. As we at the American Policy Center have been reporting, for nearly a year now, ERIC is a key ingredient in production of  those phantom votes to fill the drop boxes. 

Here’s how this has come about.

* * *

ERIC was developed in 2012 by a virulent anti-conservative,  David Becker, with a grant from George Soros, funneled through the Pew Charitable Trust. Becker’s history is that of passionate  progressive to the point of becoming a law-breaker. Read up on  him; you’ll understand why no organization with which he is  associated is “non-partisan”, nor should ever be allowed near our votes.  

Becker also founded CEIR, the Center for Election Innovation Research, which provides a legal defense fund for state officials  who break election law. Nice guy.

The original organization, ERIC, was conceived in 2011-2012  as a precursor to a national voter registration roll, which  Progressives have been craving for years. Becker, and other  passionate Leftists behind the scenes, did not believe that such a  federal master list of voters would become a reality in the near term, after Obama lost both chambers of Congress in the 2010  midterm. Until national control of elections could be written into a law (as in HB 1, Pelosi’s first bill introduced in Biden’s first  Congress in 2021), an organization like ERIC would prove very valuable to those in the business of election fraud and control of  the political landscape.

We know going in, that the Left has fought for years against  any type of voter roll maintenance which would necessarily  remove ineligible names – by law. In their clotted minds,  removing ineligible voters, who have not voted or responded to  election outreach in two years or who may not even be citizens,  amounts to voter suppression.  

 So, it is clear from the onset that ERIC was NOT meant to  help clean ineligible names from voter rolls. State officials should have known this as well. But, Red states joined right along with  Blue ones. They fell for the lie that ERIC would help them with  their federally mandated duty of roll maintenance. 

The false front of ERIC as a “voter roll maintenance service”  is just that. 

 * * *

Seven Democrat-run states joined ERIC in its first year of  2012: CO, DE, MO, NV, UT, WA and VA. After 2014, when a  Soros-funded, Obama-appointed judge closed the competing  (free) system, Kansas Crosscheck (where the red states shared  

information to update their rolls), membership rose. Today, there are 33 ERIC members, all of whom have bloated voter rolls approaching or exceeding 100% of all possible eligible voters in the state. 

By 2020, ERIC brags on its website of having added 17  million new voters to the rolls nationwide.  

Those member states highlighted here, ALL have rolls listing  more “voters” than possible eligible citizens of voting age in the  population: AL, AK, AZ, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IL, IA, KY, ME,  MD, MA, MI, MN, MO, NV, NJ, NM, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TX, UT,  VT, VA, WA, DC (the district), WV, and WI. The two states who just joined ERIC also have bloated rolls: NJ has 103% of it  “voters” registered, and MA, 96.4%. They fit right in.

All figures above are taken from the US Election Assistance  Commission website, “2020 Election Administration and Voting  Survey Report”. Conveniently, the USEAC enables translation of  its website into 20 languages “to expand the usability of the  report”. If you doubt it, go to the website, and note the darker blue top line. Don’t even ask why this is on  a US election website. Given this oddity, I tend to believe that  the numbers of voters/number of eligible citizens are probably  even higher.  

 So, back to ERIC. Here’s is how it rolls.

Its members pay to join, then spend hundreds of thousands  of dollars, of their taxpayer’s money, to execute the mandates  required for ERIC membership. Those requirements are: regular provision of all data from the state’s voter rolls old and new, and  from the Motor Vehicle department lists – including green card  holders and id-card recipients (think illegals). These two huge  databases are required submission “at a minimum”. Names  from state departments such as housing, welfare, healthcare, et.  al., as well as those of poll workers, registrars, any person  dealing with elections in any way, are required to be submitted as well.

This massive amount of names and personal information is  handed over to ERIC’s gigantic artificial intelligence system,  designed for the purpose by an IBM spinoff, Senzig.  

That system conflates all state-provided records with the  state’s USPS data and its Social Security death rolls. The  computers then produce 4 lists for the states’ use: who moved  within the state, who moved to another ERIC state, who died and who was adjudicated ineligible to vote by means of felony or  mental incapacity judgment. Certain names from these massive  lists are marked as unregistered voters, and those are mandated  to be contacted by the state with voter registration materials, within 90 days of list receipt. 

There appears in the bylaws NO DIRECT MANDATE for cleaning voter rolls. Nor, is it allowed for any state to  mark any name as to citizenship. Florida’s head of the  Department of Elections, Maria Matthews, actually had the checkbox for citizenship declaration on drivers license application forms REMOVED several years ago. 

Members MUST report to ERIC if ever they are required by  law to sell, disclose, publish or use any ERIC data for purposes  other than election administration. Odd…Why would ERIC care if a law requires disclosure of its data? Because it has  something(s) to hide? The National Voter Registration Act of  1993, does just that, allowing access to voter rolls by citizens of  the state.  

 A citizen’s group in Wisconsin has just filed suit against its  state election commission for use of a third-party system (ERIC)  for maintaining the voter rolls. It is against the law. Their suit  cites federal law from the Help America Vote Act of 2002.  (HAVA) 

After this election, if we have it and can beat back the fraud,  citizens of every ERIC state must demand their state’s  resignation from the “ Cheaters’ Club”. Louisiana’s citizen  activists got their Sec. of State to listen and drop the state’s  membership, but this cannot be done within 90 days of an  election. (ERIC rules) 

 * * *

These names from the bloated rolls are used to vote by  mail and early. The techniques vary slightly by the state, but  Florida’s citizen activists have found definite proof of one way it’s  being done.. 

I use Florida as an example because most consider it a solid red, well-run state – like Tennessee. But here’s what is going on down there.  

Mailings from county Secretaries of Election sent to voters  on the rolls, in the form of new voter ID cards and sample  ballots, were returned to sender, USPS yellow labels, “unable to  deliver”, attached. Citizens have pictures of trays of thousands  of these returned envelopes on racks in the office of the  Supervisor of Election of Lake County FL. Instead of flagging or  removing these addresses, mail-in ballot requests were sent and  followed up by the ballots themselves. THOSE BALLOTS CAME  BACK VOTED. How are “undeliverable addresses” able to request then receive ballots? How are these ballots being returned as voted? Where are all these “undeliverable” addresses coming  from? Certainly not from well-culled voter rolls! 

The tally of legitimate election-day votes is then adjusted – as needed – by those ballots that came from ghosts – to perform  the steal for the chosen winners – the ones chosen by fraud,  NOT by the voters. 

I will have to add that – knowing what we know now – any  state that is not openly questioning the ERIC system and/or  making plans to resign, is either clueless or complicit. Neither is a good label to be worn in this, our country’s most crucial election year. 

 * * *

The only way to defeat this is to vote in person, on election  day. DO NOT fall for the bunk that your vote does not matter. It has never been more crucial to our freedom. The  enemy wants you to feel defeated and stay home.  

If we vote in person, on election day, we can get our country back. If we give in and give up, we will have lost our precious freedoms for generations to come. Venezuela is a perfect case at point. Once the most prosperous nation on the South American continent, it is now a wreck of a totalitarian society with lack of  goods, hyperinflation, and strictures on every move a citizen makes. 

I’ll beg you once again: Show up ON ELECTION Day and  vote! Never request or use a mail-in ballot. If you know of a  neighbor or friend who cannot get to the polls, take them.  Arrange for seniors and shut-ins to enjoy a few hours out. These are little things that can and will make THE difference in election 2022.  

No state is too “Red” or too far gone. Be the change America desperately needs.  

One thought on “Think Your Vote Doesn’t Count? (Op-Ed)

  • September 22, 2022 at 10:47 pm

    I appreciate the “conservative sentiment” expressed in this post, however, your ideals cause many of we, the disabled and/or elderly voters, to be overlooked in elections.

    It would be nice if there was better transportation for disabled and elderly voters, and since many of us cannot get to the places to vote in person, it would be nice if our mail in ballots are fairly counted.

    So, who among you is willing to come pick me up here at my home and drive me to and from the polling place on election days?

    This is an official request from a Registered Voter and a Military Veteran.


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